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  1. GTN Lock Screen Position

    Thanks for the reply, I will give that a try. Great product.
  2. GTN Lock Screen Position

    Hi, I have the GTN installed in P3D v3 and am displaying on a separate touch screen LCD, if there any way to lock the screen position as when I touch I can drag the screen position by accident.
  3. Hi, I'm running a CCU2 on Win7 32 bit, was previously on XP. I did have an issue with my CCU2 at one point, found it was a faulty IC5, TDA8444T, just disconnected the SDA, SCL pins (3 and 4), the CCU2 initialized correctly after this and was not a problem as I do not use the CN12 connector. I also have a Simkits utility program called 'boardtest.exe' which might be of some use. This is what the output of 'boardtest.exe' looks like: Name: Board Test Company: TRC Development b.v. Version: FileDescription: FileFlags: ------------------------- Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 11 GenuineIntel Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E6550 @ 2.33GHz Physical Total: 2046Mb Physical Free: 1283Mb Virtual Total: 3938Mb Virtual Free: 3116Mb ------------------------- Board detected Anchor download Reset Info request Vendor ID: 0D59 Product ID: 0003 Device ID: 0000 ------------------------- 3.7 C:\Program Files\TRC Development\The Real Cockpit Name: TRC Link Company: TRC Development b.v. Version: FileDescription: FileFlags: ------------------------- Preload complete Board redetected Vendor ID: 0D59 Product ID: 0003 Upload complete Board not detected! -------------------------