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  1. rfw1959

    No Video

    No joy! Still have the same problem.
  2. rfw1959

    No Video

    Thanks. I am going in.... Let the de-install and reload begin!
  3. rfw1959

    No Video

    Just bought an Alienware 14 with a NVIDIA GeForce GT 750 Video Card. When launching FSX everything appears to be normal. I can configure my controls, select airplanes, etc. However, when I hit fly now, something goes wrong. I do see a couple of windows where the program is loading terrain and traffic data. After that, the screen goes blank. I can hear something in the background but there is no video. If I hit the escape key, I go back to the End Flight screen/menu. If I hit end flight, I go back to the main menu screen. I loaded the game, the service pack that came on the CD, plus service pack 1 & 2. Everything looks good but NO VIDEO when flying. Tied multiple planes. Even tried the training missions. Same problem Help!