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  1. i5 2500K GTX 970 I'm not really seeing much of a difference with these adjustments. Using frame lock in sim at 30 actually hurts performance. I get better stability setting frame lock to 30 in NI and Unlimited in the sim.
  2. jaben428

    Pixelated Water Textures

    Also I noticed when trying to change the water to a darker hue it doesn't really work. The water stays kind of a light snowy color. Not sure it's related but it might raise a flag on the issue. Again, may have something to do with a layer rendering issue.
  3. jaben428

    Pixelated Water Textures

    Zooming isn't really the issue. I've zoomed in and out, I've flown low and high. The water just looks blocky and pixelated. Even the reflections are blocky and pixelated from the moon and sun. It's got to be some sort of shader issue or GPU issue. I think another issue might be the water layers aren't really rendering. It seems there are only 2 layers of water, one on top of the other. One layer, the bottom one, is stationary and contains the bump maps while the top layer moves in a single directions and is somewhat transparent. It's that top layer that blocky and pixelated. Here's a screenshot, everything default from the FSX San Juan mission. Fire up your fsx and see if the screenshot compares!
  4. jaben428

    Pixelated Water Textures

    Thanks for the upload. I tried it out and it didn't seem to change anything. Even the surface reflections in the water are pixelated. It's just not crisp at all like it should be. Sorry about that, I meant 4096. Regardless I've tried it and it didn't change the resolution of the water. I just did a full, clean, reinstall of FSX and the issue is still there. It's leading me to believe something is affecting the water possibly outside FSX and not a particular texture. I'm using nVidia Inspector and have the latest geforce drivers 334.89. Could it be a driver issue or shader issue? If so why does it only affect the water?? Thanks for all your help so far. This is what the water should look like when reflected: http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj107/berlopez/WaterTexturesdaytime.jpg. Obviously, that's not what I'm getting!
  5. jaben428

    Pixelated Water Textures

    Thanks for the help. I tried it out and didn't see any improvement. It also didn't make anything worse so it's effect was null. Any other suggestions?
  6. jaben428

    Pixelated Water Textures

    G MIDY, I actually did use Bjotes Sharder 3 mod but only AFTER this issue had been occuring. I thought it would fix it! It definitely made things worse so I uninstalled it and cleared my shader cache. I knew about the incompatibility between shader 3 and FSWC so I didn't use them together. I also did not modify the .xml file but is it possible it got changed? I don't know if I have a backup of the original. Suggestions? Could this be another issue not related to the .xml?
  7. Hello everyone, Recently I've been having issues with blurry/pixelated water textures. I've tried everything to revert it. Reinstalling backups, disabling addons, rebuuilding shader cache, rebuilding fsx.cfg, the whole 9-yards. Nothing seems to correct it! I also tried using FSWC to see if it would help and sadly it did not. It looks as if the water is just rendered in low resolution which I cannot understand as I've tried (and since reset) my config to 4098 using freeware HD textures. I've since reverted back to default and still getting pixelation. Please help! This is using FSWC: This is default water: