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  1. Hello Leen You where correct. The alpha channel was gone. Being a newby at painting I never even noticed that the alpha channel had been dropped. My fault... every time I moved the image from DXTBmp to Photoshop I closed the DXTBmp program. When I loaded the files I had been working on I noticed that the Alpha channel was gone so I started from scratch and it all worked. Along with my edits, the shiny bits are back. :smile: Thanks for the advice!
  2. Hello Donor I followed your advice by not changing it in DXTBmp first. Just opened the dds file in DXTBmp, sent it to Photoshop, made my changes, flatten it, save it in Photoshop (it got saved as a 24bit bmp) Opened the bmp in DXTBmp... I'm not sure what you meant by refresh it other than click on refresh Alpha under the Alpha tag which I did. Then saved it as a dds using DXT5 format and ended up with the same problem.
  3. Hello everyone I'm hoping that someone has seen or encountered this problem and knows what I'm doing wrong. I'm a newby at painting aircraft so please be patience with me. This is what I am doing... 1 Open .dds file with DXTBmp V4.00.97 and save as 24bit .bmp file 2 Open 24bit bmp with Photoshop and make the changes I would like to see. 3 Flatten and save as 24bit .bmp file. 4 Open 24bit .bmp file with DXTBmp V4.00.97 and save as .dds file type DDS DXT5. (I've used every file type 1,3 and 5) Then this happens... Of course it should be nice and shiny like this... Any help showing what step I'm missing so that the shiny parts stay shiny would be of much appreciation. Thanks
  4. Thanks again! I guess navagation is not one of my strong points and it looks like I don't fully understand what the instruments are telling me. Thanks to you guys, I have a better idea of what's going on now. ^_^
  5. Thanks for the information guys. I will pay more attention to what my DG and compass are doing during the flight. I fly the Ifly 737's and I've noticed that when I set the autopliot to.... say.... 055, the MFD reads 057 after the turn has been completed by the autopilot. Would this be the same problem? Thanks for your input. There seems to be a lot of things I don't know about FSX. :blink:
  6. Funny, I'm having the same problem. Usually the DG is ok when sitting on the runway but as soon as I take to flight, it starts wandering off and the differance between the DG and the FSX default GPS can be as much as 12 degrees. I flew a number of aircraft to make sure it wasn't just 1 plane and they all did it. I also tried flights where I cancelled the weather just in case winds aloft where throwing the DG out and it still did it. It gets pretty frustrating when your coming in for a landing and ATC is giving you headings to the airport and your having to guess which heading to set on the autopilot to get the correct heading stated by ATC. :( Any help would be much apprecitated.