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  1. edrake

    Elite Toe Brakes on Xplane

    After doing some more testing here is what I know: I am using an Elite rudder and toebrake box. And the Elite Hardware Interface and Elite Plugins from simPlugins. I was using the 172 in xplane-10 and multiple planes in xplane-11. The rudder seem correct in both xplane 10 and xplane 11. The toe brakes work in Xplane 10.4 when the plane is in pilot controled mode but not in "AI flies your Plane", this seems correct. In Xplane 11 the brakes work in "AI flies your Plane" but not in pilot controlled mode, this seems backwards. I do not know if something needs to be changed in xplane11 or the Elite Plugin for Xplane 11. Thanks Ed
  2. edrake

    Elite Toe Brakes on Xplane

    Hello, Went thru the calibrations again all seems the same. In further test I noticed the Left Toe Brake value will increase if the Left rudder is depressed and the Right Toe Brake Value will increase if the Right Rudder is Depressed.But if the Rudders are nutral the the brakes have no effect.
  3. We have Elite rudder pedels, the peddles and toe brakes seem to calibrate OK using the Elite Hardare Interface. Whe we use the date output function on xplane to see the Rudder and Toe Brake values the rudder seems to be fine but as we use the toe brakes the toe brake data keeps jumping back to .000 it may very for a fraction of a second, but not long enough to see what value it is changing to. This happens on the 172 in Xplane-11, and the Vflite Piper ArrowIII, I am not sure about other aircraft. Thanks For any Help Ed