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  1. 737 NGX Auto Throttle Disconnect Question

    Kyle, All, Just an update to let you know that a simple uninstalling and reinstalling the PMDG updates worked this time (from my good baseline).... i.e. the A/P disconnect now works exactly as before. the difference? The only thing I didn't do is delete the various files mentioned in the Sp1d upgrade threads. This may be coincidence or, it may have been a factor on my individual idea, but either way it now works. Update: oops, spoke too soon. AT disconnect flashes just once on turning off using AT Disconnect sw, no 2nd press needed; Turning AT Arm off flashes continuously until AT Dis is pressed. again So still not right for some reason :-/ Regards, Graham.
  2. 737 NGX Auto Throttle Disconnect Question

    No agenda whatsoever, other than trying to get something working that used to work. I've not asked for PMDG support before, but thought I would try today... Agree about troubleshooting and asking the question here seemed reasonable to me. Regardless, I have now "solved" the problem by regressing to my working image which uses SP1C, where once again it all works. As I said, feel free to delete the thread as no-one will learn anything about solving this issue if they experience it.
  3. 737 NGX Auto Throttle Disconnect Question

    Well, I'd suggest there's certainly potential for code or other issues, given the precarious nature of the Sp1c to SP1d update. Having read all the issues that came out of that on these forums, a process that subsequently requires manual file deletes in addition to the normal uninstall routine leaves some questions as to how well that routine was tested. As to the "no support" comment; You've demonstrated my point with your previous statement in the post above. In essence saying, you (the customer) has a problem, it's your machine, your problem and not PMDG's.
  4. 737 NGX Auto Throttle Disconnect Question

    It's only my computer I'm concerned with...and it was only performing the 1d upgrade that caused the issue. But I now understand that there's no support for such things, so no problem, I thought I'd give it a go. You can delete the thread now as it's of zero value to anyone
  5. 737 NGX Auto Throttle Disconnect Question

    Name changes duly made, but problem still exists AFTER upgrading to SP1d. But I guess what you're really saying is, there is no answer. I know what it is meant to do, the whole point is it doesn't. Back to 1c it is then...waste of a day.
  6. 737 NGX Auto Throttle Disconnect Question

    Kyle, Def not a FSUIPC issue as the keystroke command does the very same thing. Also, the FSIUIPC has no repeat ticked.
  7. 737 NGX Auto Throttle Disconnect Question

    Bob, I agree that's what happens, but before the AT kept flashing to highlight the fact that AT had disconnected. No aural alerts before either, hence checking whether this is an intentional change. Having flown a full motion 737 recently, even that had the AT warning flash that required a second press to extinguish the warning light (no aural alert just the light and hence the double press, which after SP1d is no more it seems...).
  8. 737 NGX Auto Throttle Disconnect Question

    Hi Angelo Disconnect is being done on a button key assignment (set in FSUIPC and matching the PMDG key assignment), but it also does this when clicking the A/T disconnect button on the panel with the mouse. It also happens when doing the key presses on the no FSUIPC involved at that stage. That's how I've always done it, but now after SP1d, a single push and no on-going warning light flash. Graham.
  9. Hi, Having just updated my 737-600/700/800/900 today from SP1C to SP1D and I have noticed one change so far, that I'm not sure is intended....? When the 737 auto throttle was disconnected before the update, it required two pushes; 1. to disconnect 2. to supress the flashing A/T warning light. After updating to 1D, the warning light flashes once then extinguishes after only one press of the switch. Have only tried it so far on my current test flight in the -800, but wondered is this a change, or is it now a configurable items tucked away somewhere? Is anyone else noticing this? Many thanks in advance, Graham.