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  1. randy_onfly

    update from 6461 to 8885

    Hallo problem ist solved. Aerosoft gives me a super support and you too. best regards wolfgang randelzhofer
  2. randy_onfly

    update from 6461 to 8885

    Hello Marc thanks for the repley. I try this, but on the registration page from aerosoft i get the message my registration code is not valid. I Think aerosoft makes not support for software from another sellers. The version of my boxed version was 3118 and before the operation center exists i can update to version 6461. wolfgang randelzhofer
  3. randy_onfly

    update from 6461 to 8885

    Hello i bought the boxed version of base pack 737 ngx in an electronicmarket and the expansion pack from aerosoft. How can i get a version of base pack from which i can update via operation center? Wolfgang randelzhofer
  4. hello in my homecockpit i have the problem, that the indication of crs, hdg and so on the pfd differs with the indication in my homecockpit. A rotary is connected to a leo bodnar board over linda i can dial the crs for example. On a remote computer (wideclient) my opencockpit hardware is connected, with a sioc script i read the offset 0c4e and write the value in a 7 segment display. This all works fine with all fsx and addon planes only the Q400 have this problem. For example i turn the rotary one digit from 155 to 156 the value in offset 0c4e increase one digit, but the indication on the pfd is still 155, when i turn the next digit some times both values are equal sometimes not. The difference is never more then one digit. When i look in the lvars ID=55 (gs_crs1_knop_angel) not allways when i turn the rotary the value change, thats is the problem, but why the value of offset 0c4e changes its value in such this case? Can i get help? randy