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  1. Hello, Really like the look of this add-on but have a couple of pre-purchase questions. I have a few GoFlight Modules and I do not go for any add-on aircraft that I cannot use my GoFlight modules with and as I have seen no mention of compatibility with goflight modules I presume it is not. Therefore my question is are the LVARS & Events available to allow the creation of lua scripts. I myself use an GoFlight interface tool that can detect an lvar being set and/or an event being triggered and with this tool I can quickly program e.g. a toggle switch on a goflight module to set an lvar and fire an event. However some add-on aircraft have hidden lvars and events and therefore you cannot use this tool to drive goflight modules. If all the lvars and events are visible is there a document available that list them this of course makes it even quicker to set up goflight modules. Also does this come with a PDF tutorial flight, I know there are a number of tutorial videos and I have watched many of them, but IMHO nothing beats going through a printed document of all the key steps of a typical flight for your own first flight with a new aircraft especially one as complicated as this aircraft. Thanks in advance .
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    LVARS, Events & Tutorial Flight

    It sounds like some of the LVARS / Events are detectable if you are able to do partial config using GoFlight Interface Tool (GFiT) I agree that getting this add-on compatible with GFiT would be a much quicker solution than waiting for a complete GoFlight driver and I am sure Steve is aware of the potential with this aircraft for GFiT. I don’t actual own this yet so I would not be able to use your configs but in any case you should forward them on to Steve to load them up on the Pollypot site I suspect these configs will be popular. Thanks for the reply
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    LVARS, Events & Tutorial Flight

    Thank you for the comprehensive reply, I will just have to be patient for a while longer, but on the plus side when I do buy this MD-82 it will be stable and GoFlight modules will work without any effort from me. In the meantime I will catch up on reading. Way back in 1999 the first flight simulator I really got into was called Airline Simulator 2 and the star of the stable was an MD-83 which was great fun to fly, nothing compared to this complexity wise though. Many thanks