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  1. GTN 750 v2.5 has completely resolved my tracking issues. With the Lear 45 set at 300 kts [GS@380 kts], I can make enroute turns at x16 and x32 without any issues. Significant improvement in tracking, good job RXP. Thanks for your assistance with this issue.
  2. Thanks for your good advice. I kept the Autopilot settings standard in the Aircraft.cfg file with one exception - for the Lear 45, I adjusted the nav_proportional_control from 11.0 to 9.0. It didn't seem to help. I'll adjust the time acceleration from x4 to x2. Thanks for your help.
  3. I recently purchased the RXP GTN 750 and have installed it into Prepar3D v2.5 and v4.2. This is an amazing product and I am so glad that I purchased this unit. So far, I have installed it into 2D Windows for the Lear 45, Baron 58 and Mooney Bravo. Of all the things that I love about this unit, there is one problem that I am experiencing with each aircraft. During flights that require course changes of 30 degrees or more, the aircraft starts preforming S-Turns and has difficulty tracking and locking on course. The P3D standard G1000 that I used before I purchased the GTN 750 did not have this problem. It seems to me that the GTN 750 over responds to course changes greater than 30 degrees. Is anyone else having this tracking issue? Is there a way to correct this problem? Thanks for your help.
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