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  1. The Patch cured the stutter with my Rift. But two things left with VR, water is looking strange (its like quiksilver from some angles) and i couldnt interact with external windows e.g. ATC Window or PopUp Windows from the aircraft e.g. FMS. Mouseclick on FMS works if within the virtual cockpit. Where do you set the FrameLimit if using VR ? I use 40 Frames for RIFT S ... By the way, Majestics Dash8 is working in V5 (getting a message that it is only working in V4 and above but you can ignore this). Seems that LM has changed something on the flightmodel, the Dash8 is flying like a dream, maybe this is caused by the better performance of V5, so that Majestic with their external Turboprop simulation will get the data faster, so the simulation may react faster and smoother. Chris
  2. I had the same problem after installation of KB4038788. Uninstalling cures that. As people reported the problem will not exist on a clean V3 or V4 installation. Seems that is caused by the combination of addons. But i dont want to spend my time with bug fixing an install/remove/restore, so i will live without this M$ "Fix"
  3. Hi Guys, i've set up a new System with i7 4790K @ 4.5 Mhz, 16GB Mem and a GTX 980 TI and WIN10 OS. This i will not call a "Low End System" :wink: but .... after fresh Install of MS FSX i got terrible Stutter even with the default planes . As i dont want to tweak in a first step i've locked my firewall and my online virus scan to deny any access accept i give my permission. I've found several process which want access but did not affect the performance. But then i found one process windows\system32\installagentuserbroker.exe which was doing a lot of disk access und internet access in the background and that caused my stutter. After disabling that my fsx is running beautiful smooth even in dense areas with the FSlabs Airbus. This darn thing is part of the MS App Store of Win10 (even with the app services set to manual). So, if you encounter Stutters with Win10 just get a close look wat is going on behind the scene. With Win10 MS invented a lot of background Apps like Cortana and the App Store and .... Hope this will help others not to pull their hair out Chris
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