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  1. I found that the issue was solved by updating EZCA 2.5 to latest "build 21". After updating the EZCA, rotating rate became normal. Thank you Tetsuji Konohira
  2. After updating prepar3d to v4.1, I got slower rotation rate even with full (up) elevator. Because of this, I have to use full runway length to lift off my 777-300ER. I have checked gross weight, C.G. and set the elevator trim correct. Once the aircraft leaves the ground, ratation rate increases suddenly. The issue was never happened before the Prepar3d v4.1 update. Does anyone have similar issue? Thank you. Tetsuji Konohira
  3. DRNAV

    Engine sounds on the PMDG 777F

    There is only one sound configuration on the PMDG 777-200LR and shares the engine sounds with all PMDG 777F liveries. Best Regards Tetsuji Konohira
  4. DRNAV

    GE90-115B spool-up response

    Hi. >PMDG asks to document it with real material >We aren't going to launch an investigation on feelings. The only time we consider stuff like that is if it comes from the Tech Team, whose feelings >and intuitions are backed by actual, verified experience, and not a YouTube PhD. Since I am not interested in getting a YouTube Phd, so I hope someone will provide you a document with real material. Thank you. Tetsuji Konohira
  5. DRNAV

    GE90-115B spool-up response

    I understand that the time to take advancing the thrust from idle to 55% N1 (before pushing TOGA button) depends on pilots. So I would like to show you the time difference between "Commanded N1" and "N1 indication". In the YouTube video "B777 Takeoff RWY 13R", #1. Start advancing the throttle (by the Captain) : 0:39 #2. Throttle lever position (commanded N1) reaches at approx. 55% : 0:41 (N1 indication still around idle N1) #3. N1 indication reaches commanded N1 (55%): 0:46 The time difference between #2 and #1 (2 seconds) depends on pilots. The time difference between #3 and #2 (5 seconds) shows engine response from idle thrust to 55% N1. In PMDG 777, #1. Start advancing the throttle (by me) : 0:00 (N1 indication at 21.6%) #2. Throttle lever position (commanded N1) reaches at approx. 55% : 0:02 (N1 indication at approx. 23%) #3. N1 indication reaches commanded N1 (55%): 0:12 The time difference between #2 and #1 (2 seconds) matches to above YouTube video. The time difference between #3 and #2 (10 seconds) shows engine response from idle thrust to 55% N1. As the result, PMDG 777 takes twice the time. (10 sec. vs 5 sec.) Thank you. Tetsuji Konohira
  6. DRNAV

    GE90-115B spool-up response

    You can watch spool-up response in the YouTube video "B777 Takeoff RWY 13R". Start advancing the throttle : 0:39 N1 reaches around 55% N1 : 0:46 It takes approx. 7 seconds from Idle thrust to 55% N1. Tetsuji Konohira
  7. DRNAV

    GE90-115B spool-up response

    In PMDG 777, it takes about 9 seconds from idle thrust to 55% N1 thrust (then push TOGA button) and seems to be slower spool-up response. In reality, I feel it takes about 7 seconds from idle thrust to 55% N1 thrust. Please give me your comment about true engine spool-up response. Thank you. Tetsuji Konohira
  8. Thank you for the comment. As far as I know learned from other sources, entering FLAPS setting without entering CG in CDU displays V speeds. I believe V speeds is independent of CG value. 1. Entering FLAPS setting in the CDU => FMC calculates V speeds and displays on the CDU. (CG is still empty box) 2. Entering CG in the CDU => FMC displays stabilizer takeoff TRIM setting. V speeds do not update due to entering CG. CDU in PMDG 777 needs both FLAPS setting and CG value to get V speeds. I would like to confirm whether entering CG is mandatory to get V speeds. Thank you, Tetsuji Konohira
  9. Currrently, it looks like PMDG 777 requires entry of CG to get takeoff V speeds. According to the PMDG 777 FCOM, entry of CG calculates stabilizer takeoff setting. It does not say entry of CG is required for takeoff V speeds calculation. Is this a bug ?