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  1. Hi, everybody In near future I'm planing to buy a laptop with Intel Core I5 - 4210M procesor. So maybe some of you have this type of procesor and using it with FSX and can tell your opinion about this procesor? That would be very helpfull
  2. Gedas957

    FSX Shade performance

    Hi everyone, In near future I'm planning to get FSX Shade 1,02. And want to ask about Shade performance. Does it have any performance impact on FSX? Does it effect frame rates in FSX?
  3. Hi everyone. Today I discovered that my PMDG 737 NGX cockpit textures are blurry and not sharp. Then I zoom closer to CDU lines and numbers seems to be sharp and high resolution. But then I zoom out it becomes blurry. As show in picture in MCP it is very hard to read numbers and letters in buttoms. In FSX settings I sellected my monitor resolution and Global texture resolution to very high. But it doesn't have any effect. So maybe some of you knows how to fix this problem. Thanks for your help and apologize for my bad english.
  4. Gedas957

    FSX cockpit texture problem.

    usairways56, thanks alot :smile: your suggestion to "play" with different multisampling and supersampling settings seems to be working no more blurred lines
  5. Gedas957

    FSX cockpit texture problem.

    I checked that and it matches. Maybe there are some settings in Nvidia Inspector which would fix it? My monitor resolution is 1366/768.