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  1. colinpbrown

    Having problems with tutorial 1.5

    Thank for that Dan, That explains why when I did this and not followed the tutorial, I ended up at TOD in VNAV PTH, and power setting at CRZ. Colin Brown
  2. colinpbrown

    Having problems with tutorial 1.5

    Thanks Kyle. Colin Brown
  3. colinpbrown

    Having problems with tutorial 1.5

    Hi Kyle, Yes, interesting. I've saved my flight at various stages so that I can re-run it after I've made the inevitable mistake. When I re-run after I've climbed to the initial cruise height of FL350 and look at the legs page of the FMC it has FL350 out to TUDEP where a step climb to FL370 was added, then FL370 to MORAG where there's a step to FL390. FL390 continues to BOMBI. Following BOMBI no other fixes have speed or height settings presumable because there's no STAR or runway selected for arrival. When I re-run the save of the flight when I just made the step climbs by dialling in the new altitude and clicking the altitude select button at the appropriate points, at TOD I find I'm VNAV PTH mode, power mode is CRZ, and the FMC VNAV page has the cruise height at FL390. I'm not aware that I changed these manually. At TOD the T7 descends in VNAV PTH as I was expecting. Must do some more research and read up some more on step climbs. Still that's what a 'Study Sims' all about. Thank once again for your assistance. Regards Colin Brown.
  4. colinpbrown

    Having problems with tutorial 1.5

    Hi Jose, Thank for the heads up on Capt Britjet video. Brilliant, explains thing very well. I'll have to re-watch a few times and track down his other videos. Thanks a lot, Colin Brown
  5. colinpbrown

    Having problems with tutorial 1.5

    Hi Dan, Thanks for your reply also, and when researching your questions I've found the answer to my problem. As I was approaching TOD my FMA was showing SPD | LNAV | VNAV ALT , my Altitude was set at FL390 and power mode was CLB. When I rolled the Altitude down to 5000ft I noticed that the power mode changed to CRZ but nothing changed in the FMA. Passed TOD nothing happened and I did not descend until if click-on the centre of the Altitude select knob, where upon I descended like a stone and got an 'Over Speed' warning and a 'Drag required' message on the FMC. I re-ran and noticed that as I cross TOD the displacement from vertical path bar immediately showed that I was 4000ft to high. Check the legs page on the FMC and spotted that the entry for HAREM read .826/FL350. Check the VNAV page and found the Cruise height was set to FL350. Re-ran and set the FMC, VNAV cruise height to FL390 and the power mode changed to CRZ and the FMA VNAV status changed to VNAV PTH. Reset the Altitude to 5000ft and at TOD I started a gentle decent. PROBLEM SOLVED. Not sure how the Cruise height got set to FL350 as a step climb to FL390 was signified at the appropriate point. However, this begs a question. If I'm flying above my planned cruise height because of weather or on ATC's instructions, do you need to go in and reset the FMC cruise level?? Anyway. Thanks for the response. learnt some more of the T7. Cheers Colin Brown
  6. colinpbrown

    Having problems with tutorial 1.5

    Hi Kyle, Thanks for taking the time for your very full response. However,... I am in VNAV at TOD, having reselected it, as you say, when past TUDEP. My problem seems to be that the thrust mode stays in climb (CMB) after obtaining FL370 and after I have reselected VNAV. Colin Brown.
  7. colinpbrown

    Having problems with tutorial 1.5

    Hi, I'm having problems flying tutorial 1.5. Can anyone out there offer some advice. I've managed to complete the flight and land successfully at EDDM, but not without a lot of button pushing and intervention. My main problem seems to be that I cannot get the T7 to descend at TOD even though I am in VNAV and have reset the ALTITUDE to 5000ft. I suspect that the reason is that the FMA thrust mode is still in climb (CLB) from the first step climb and not cruise (CRZ). If I let the FMC control the step climb is self by entering the new altitude of FL370, the thrust mode changes to CLB and then back to CRZ when the new altitude is reached as I would expect, but if I use SPD INT/FLCH climb as described in the Tutorial, thrust mode changes CLB and stays at CLB for the rest of the flight. Anyone have any suggestions?? Colin Brown.