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  1. ajaymittur28

    Good Scenery for Singapore Changi (WSSS)?

    actually i juts downloaded my wsss freeware scenery from http://www.freewarescenery.com/fsx.html this website gives some decent free sceneries
  2. ajaymittur28

    FSC Route planning

    You could either go to simroutes.com or route planner which are online route planners and then just fill up the required places and click generate route. You can then copy this route and make some changes to it on fsc. And btw what is your fsc version
  3. ajaymittur28

    Flight Following

    Thanks for your help rcboffa now I know the full meaning of flight following.
  4. ajaymittur28

    Flight Following

    Hey guys, I have come up this term flight following quite a lot of times but actually didnt know what is was. I am guessing it has something to do with radar contact. Could someone please tell what Flight Following means?? Thanks a lot Ajay