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  1. EZY start Engine 1 first because we do a lot of single engine taxis most of the hydraulic systems used for single engine taxi are "connected" engine one hence why we use 1 first
  2. A cruise PA defiantly needs to be added, it's the only thing i feel like is missing, also, you could add a voice line in when doors are disarmed and the FM rings the flight deck to check the door status as this is true to my airline 🙂
  3. So i've noticed in the PAs there isn't a crusing pa. normally they talk about the weather into the airport & how long is left etc. any chance this could get added in a update? cheers
  4. Ahh gotcha! this is a good addon, very fluid. congrats on the release
  5. Hey Bryan, i did say to him you have control however i didn't get a response on takeoff, would it have something to do wit the CM 1/2 select in the set up?
  6. Hey Bryan This is good news, do you have a price set for the fslabs yet?
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