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  1. paulc111

    Big Bear Airport Add-on Coming To Flight Sim World

    I would buy it just to taxi up and down that runway all day. Wow! If that's an example of what PBR gets us I can't wait to see more...
  2. Here's what the FSC2017 site has to say about LM's presence: FLIGHT SIMULATOR DEVELOPERS Windsor Locks Ballroom Panel Discussion Join some of the flight simulation industry's most prominent developers for an interactive panel discussion on development priorities, future releases, and perspectives on where the at-home flight simulation industry will take us in the next few years. Panelists include Stephen Hood and Aimee Sanjari of Dovetail Games, Rob McCarthy of Prepar3D, and Austin Meyer and Ben Supnik of X-Plane. The panel will be chaired by Nels Anderson of Seems unlikely they wouldn't have something to say about v4 in a panel discussion about the future of simulation.
  3. paulc111

    Flight Sim World is Now Live!

    So my thoughts, for what it's worth, after an hour or so's playing around yesterday: I got good frame rates (50FPS) without having the minimum spec graphics card, and it was pretty smooth It's a bit over saturated and bright Accufeel adds quite a lot to the mix The raindrops look great, as do the planes! The controls (using Thrustmaster Hotas) were a total mishmash at the start and needed quite a bit of setting up (including needing to set up the rudder, throttle, hat switch for view, etc) which could be a bit offputting for a new user Even though I knew it was coming, it's disappointing to see the old familiar airport ground textures overlayed on a flat putting green. I know the general Orbx ground textures are a step up, but in GA at around 1000' it is still weird looking colour splashes with buildings growing out of them. It needs more work, that much is clear, but to compare to P3D 3.4 (which has been in development for at least 7 years by LM) is a bit unfair. Also complaints re no jets - there are jets in FSX by default which are utterly unrealistic. Modelling a modern jet well is a serious enterprise and expecting them to be included in a £20 early access sim seems a little unrealistic to me, when you consider how much PMDG, Aerosoft et al charge for just a single add-on aircraft. Overall a good foundation, I think, and lets hope that there are plans to sort some of these things out. Remember all, if we don't tell Dovetail what needs fixing, they won't know what to fix. Look at how much P3D stuff is a direct result of reports in the forums. Cheers, Paul
  4. The actual link is here: (WayneG you added an extra http in somehow) I haven't been able to test as my FS rig is mid reinstall atm. I'd imagine though that selecting max texture resolution will still load large textures and then resample, if large is all that's available? So possibly reducing texture sizes would save some VAS.