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  1. declancurrey

    Weird Performance Issues

    Hey thanks for your reply. REX only replaces runway cloud and water textures aswell as the sky. I should have been a little clearer in first post, if I take off from Belfast for example, which I have no addon scenery for, it's all default. I get poor fps. Whereas if it ske from St. Maarten, which has highly detailed scenery I get amazing fps and it looks so much better? It's just confusing me so much. In my .cfg I have the texture load to 1024 the default setting, my LOD radius is 4.5 too, also the default setting. On my REX settings I also only have 1024 x 1024 textures enabled which my setup can handle perfectly. It just seems to me FSX is the most temperamental program ever haha
  2. declancurrey

    Weird Performance Issues

    Hi, I have recently just bought Flytampa grenadines and st Maarten. In these areas, with REX on and using really nice textures, with all sliders at max I get really smooth graphics between 25 - 35 in st. Maarten and-45 fps constant in the grenadines. and it looks awesome. But when I try and fly in a zone in fsx where I don't have any addons and it's all default, I get 20fps and reallchoppy performance. I don't quite understand why this is? The fly Tampa scenery is stunning and I don't get an fps hit. I'm using an iMac 3.4GHz with turbo boost, with bootcamp whilst my gaming PC is being repaired (I went a it crazy overclocking and burnt out my processor). I don't really have any problems with this it's just a question to if anyone knows why this is? Thanks Dec
  3. declancurrey

    Charts - Glideslope - EGGP

    Thank you for your help! It seems I was coming in on the approach a little too 'hot' which wasn't giving me enough time to adjust my throttle to keep the PAPI lights balanced. I was getting so caught up in trying to get the glideslope right that I wasn't really paying attention to my airspeed and obviously, the faster the rate of descent, the faster the plane is going to plummet to the ground. Your advice has been noted and will help me 'master' this, thanks! ^_^
  4. declancurrey

    Charts - Glideslope - EGGP

    Hey, I have recently switched from auto piloting the hell out of everything and just sitting there idle watching the computer fly the plane for me, to flying smaller aircraft manually on FSX and I'm glad I've started to learn how to fly properly (on fsx anyways), its MUCH more interesting Anyway, I have been reading up visual approaches and flying the glideslope manually, rather than having the autopilot do it. I know how to read all the instruments on the plane and know wether I'm below or above the glideslope. (I'm flying the default Cessna Skyhawk 172). It's a little hit and miss though, sometimes I can fly the glideslope nicely and keep the PAPI lights balanced (for the most part) and touch down, but other times I find myself landing in the middle of the runway or coming in way too short and having to push the throttle really hard to regain altitude, to then try and land again. I'm practising at RWY27 - (EGGP) Liverpool John Lennon Airport and wondered if the charts/approach plate would help (I don't know how to read charts/approach plates I'm kinda winging it). On the charts I am interpreting it as follows: fly in, on final, at 2000ft 80kts and once I hit DME 5.9, I should then start descending at a rate of 420fpm, thus allowing me to follow the glideslope perfectly? I guess my question in short is, how do I determine what altitude I should start trying to follow the glideslope? If anyone could give me a helping hand with the charts/approach plate or some tips I would be very grateful! Thank you in advance! Declan (link for the charts below)
  5. declancurrey

    REX Options

    Hi, first of all sorry if I have posted this in the wrong section or whatever, I know how butt-hurt people get over things like this, so again apologies. I have GEX Europe, UTX Europe installed and I have REX but I'm afraid to install REX because last time it had a massive impact on my FPS, this was probably down to me choosing ALL of the HD Options. GEX & UTX are absolutely great, but my only problem is the night lighting. All the lights look very very unrealistc, basically circle blobs of light which dont look too great at low altitudes. I know the lighting feature in REX is brilliant and last time I had this setup it made the lights look very pretty and realistic, so my question is can I install REX and only have it use the lighting effects? I think if I can achieve that then my FSX will look good enough for me Thanks in advance for any help