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  1. Solved. I don't know how but after re-downloading installer files. Thank to all above:)
  2. @downscc I'll do it later and report thx but I have question. I know that FSX require allow to add-on but P3D doesn't right?
  3. @mulgrave THX. I reinstalled P3D and installed again. However, It happens.
  4. I changed my Display name to my Eng Name
  5. Hi. I installed P3DV3 and pmdg and another addons. When I load pmdg aircraft(737, 777), p3d crashes without any messages. I set option as low as possible but it looks same. my spec : i5 3570/r9 280x/8g ram I'm so confused because another aircraft such as default, and A**osoft A320 are works without error. Is it crashes with another addon? I installed FTX, EZCA. REX4 with Soft Clouds, ASN, A**osoft A321/320, 777 Immersion, fs2crew. these are all I wonder the solution * my locale is KO-KR
  6. Paul Lim

    Which font is that?

    I tried to make Language Patch(Korean) for our country. I almost done but it doesn't work correctly like that. I have a font which contains Korean. So, if I know what font is in Red Square, I can completely make the patch. Please Help me. Thank You
  7. Paul Lim

    Ldg Gear Problem

    I use MSFS X, and PMDG 777LR. I don't think it's fsuipc problem.
  8. Paul Lim

    Ldg Gear Problem

    I tried to make landing gear up. However, landing gear won't up. Hydraulic system is completely setted. I tried re-install and Installed sp1. However, It still doesn't work. How can I solve it? I've retail product