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  1. Hi, sorry to revive an old thread but I was wondering if any progress was made to properly remedy this problem as I have a partial fix. As 10inch tablets with win8.1 are really cheap at the moment I decided to get one to improve my FPS in X-plane 11. The sim is running on a Win7 64 bit computer and the instruments running on win8.1 (with bing). I ran into this problem of the instruments not working and followed the advice given in the FAQ but it didn't help, even disabling the bluetooth adapter in the tablets' BIOS (thus elevating the WiFi adapter to the top of the very short list of adapters :-) ) didn't help.....but I found a workaround that did work for me - I edited the x-plane11/Resources/plugins/PanelbuilderSender/PanelBuilderSender.cfg file by changing the Multicast IP Address to the IP of the wifi adapter in the tablet and hey presto the gauges started working. The problem lies with Win 8 multicasting that was broken in the 8.1 update but it would appear that the IP stack works as intended if the packets are addressed directly to the adapter. I guess that you can only have one set of instruments, unless you want to run a second set on the sim computer as, when I tested it, it seemed to work ok (one set on the tablet and one set on the sim computer). Now just awaiting a USB to rj45 adapter as wifi sucks.......... Oh.. I checked with the CommsChecker and nothing was getting through on the win 8.1 tablet with the multicast address in PanelBuilderSender.cfg set as default