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  1. one_eye_pete

    PMDG 737.

    So with LINDA can you assign complex keystrokes for example CTRL+SHIFT+(keystroke) to any of the available commands? If yes, What are the available combinations availble? SHIFT+(keystroke) CTRL+(keystroke) ALT+(keystroke) CAPS LOCK+(keystroke) CTRL+SHIFT+(keystroke) ALT+SHIFT+(keystroke) Any others? Any of the above? Cheers,
  2. Hi, I have what I think is a simple question. Can I assign say 'Left Wiper to park' with a keyboard stroke of say 'CTRL+A' (or what ever) using FSUIC or LINDA? As best I can tell you can, but I cannot confirm this. Joystick button assignments gets mentioned a lot, but not keyboard. If yes, what other complex combinations are available? SHIFT+(keystroke) SHIFT+CTRL+(keystroke) etc. Thanks.
  3. one_eye_pete

    PMDG 737.

    Than k you very much. Awesome.
  4. one_eye_pete

    PMDG 737.

    Hi all, I am considering purchasing PMDG 737 and I am curious. Can you assign keyboard shortcuts to all of the flight deck commands? I cannot find anywhere online saying you can or cannot. Where can I find a list of all of the possible commands that can be assigned? Thanks.