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  1. EGGD Flyer

    Confused about FTX Vector

    Thanks. Given how customisable UTX is, is there any reason why you can't run the two in conjunction and just have secondary roads and land class enabled in UTX, and leave Vector to deal with the rest? If so would you need UTX above or below FTX Vector in the library, or would it not matter?
  2. EGGD Flyer

    Confused about FTX Vector

    Hi Guys I currently have FTX GLOBAL running in conjunction with UTX Europe. My understanding is that FTX Vector is a direct replacement/competitor for UTX, with the difference that it covers the entire world and not just a specific region. Now, the question is, considering as I fly almost entirely in Europe, is there any point me getting FTX Vector, or is my UTX Europe doing the same job? Or is it worth getting both and running alongside each other (is this even possible) so that when I do venture outside of Europe, I have a better environment? I guess the question is does FTX Vector do anything WITHIN EUROPE that my existing UTX Europe doesn't do? Many thanks