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  1. Not at all, I was being completely sincere And I agree, flight sims do require patience, but the myriad of choices combined with the constraints of FSX and a 3 year old desktop was a bit overwhelming; it's not just about patience, I'd be looking at some serious $$$ too; wasn't expecting that! I certainly learned a lot in the past week, so thank you for that. I'll probably tinker here and there and drop by with some questions.
  2. Thanks, but giving up; after 1 week of pure hell trying to figure out textures, aircraft, REX, GEX, Chex Mix, Orbx (I think I'm in orbit), tweaks, bleeps, and creeps, I'm done. Kilo60 was right, I had no idea what I was getting into! See ya'll in 5 years!
  3. To the best of my knowledge, after SP2 or Acceleration Pack, FSX uses multicore for terrain/texture processing, but the main sim always uses a single core.
  4. I tried that; why does it recommend DX9? I'm on DX 11. OMG! This is getting better by the minute (and very expensive) So it tracks head movement and changes view point in the cockpit? so cool
  5. I have the "menu" crash problem, and according to my research the DLL should address it, right? LMFAO! I was just thinking that, like what the hell did I get myself into?!? I should've stuck with golf!
  6. OK! This is a lot of info! I've got some reading to do. One question on the UIAutomation file, regardless of what add-ons I install, this is required, correct?
  7. 5 years ago, I uninstalled fsx. I don't know, got boring after a while, add-ons were limited, so I stopped playing. Last week I stumbled on FSX videos from youtube and was totally blown away by the extent to which weather and scenery has advanced, and the aircraft selection, wow, espeically pmdg, very sophisticated and realistic! Anyway, I'm hooked again This is my current system, my video card is 3 years old, but she holds up ok i7 920 quad core @ 3.6Ghz (w/ hyperthreading) 24Gb DDR3 RAM Radeon HD 5800 Windows 7 64bit Before I jump into the install, given all the options for add-ons, etc., I'm assuming there's some recommended guidelines or list of essential add-ons for the best all-around experience? I did some quick research and came up with this: FSX/Acceleration Pack (follow AVSIM FSX Config Guide Nov/2013) GEX (ground scenery?) REX Essential + Overdrive UTX USA (don't care about aircraft for now) Is that a good starting point? I'll do more research, I was just looking for some pointers, make sure I didn't miss anything important. Thanks,