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  1. Canalguna

    Linda 2.6.4 + Vrinsight Fcu + Aerosoft A320/321 1.31

    Thanks a lot ScotFlieger, that did it indeed. I sincerely appreciate your dedication.
  2. Hi, just trying to make the Fcu work with Linda to no avail, nothing happens on the Fcu (it doesn't load Linda, keeps displaying "VrInsight Type v1.100"). In setup everything is okay with the devices and Fsuipc, thought I don't have the registered Fsuipc, is this critical?. Another thing I noticed searching here in the forums is the Aerosoft Module 4.3. I haven't installed it manually yet (I am away from the computer right now) but I thought maybe it already came within the 2.6.4 install. If it hasn't have to do with anything of the before mentioned then I am really stucked. Just wanted to check those two things with you before moving on. I sincerely appreciate your help. Windows 8.1 Fsx Steam Latest Vri software and drivers (it works with default A321 but says "Fail to Connect Aerosoft AirbusX Ext" with Aerosofts A320/321, so I've not been able to use the Fcu with Aerosoft via any means) Linda 2.6.4 working with everything in green Aerosoft Airbus A320/321 1.31 Latest Fsuipc Unregistered Not sure if Aerosoft Airbus Module 4.3 v2 (or any other) installed