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  1. aboulger116

    Freezing and Glitches

    Really appreciate the detailed response. I just checked my graphics settings and a previous crash must have not saved the previous settings but my sliders were all maxed out... Put everything back on high. Should be running normal again but if it doesn't I'll download the CTD guide like you suggested Thanks again!
  2. I'm running Windows 8 with an Intel i7 3.4GHz processor, Nvidia GTX650, 12GB ram. I also have PMDG's 737 and 777, practically the only two planes I fly. Here are my issues. I fly long flights, like right now I'm doing OMAA to LAX. I get up to cruising altitude last night around 10, with UTC time to spec. I wake up around 8:30 this morning, and it had ended up freezing for a total of 3 hours. It never stays frozen, but when it freezes it just stops the game with audio on for 10+ minutes. Any solutions? I'm going to try reinstalling after this flight, is there a way to just reinstall without deleting documents and addons? Also, only in the PMDG products, if I press escape, or even go into any of the other menu, I go back into the game and the scenery is all jacked up, and the cockpit disappears. I press escape numerous times and it does other scenery glitches until after pressing it 20-30 times it finally comes back. Is this a known issue? I apologize in advance if I posted this in the wrong place. Any suggestions would be awesome. Maybe it's because I might have installed the service packs before loading the default flight? I just want to see if anyone has a possible solution before I have to reinstall everything. Thanks