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  1. Michaeld91

    Ground Steering issue

    Hi Guys, Recently purchased the new Airbus X (I know I'm posting in the PMDG forum!) which has to have a separate axis assigned to be able to steer the aircraft on the ground, using the tiller. I don't have a spare axis on my joystick and so had to change the controls in FSX to allow this. (I only changed the X axis once and then back by clicking 'restore to defaults' - This is the only thing I have changed using the controls and then reverted back). Started the PMDG 777 today, every other control seems to be working correctly now, apart from the nose wheel steering using the joystick - It simply doesn't turn the nosewheel. The controls are back to what they where (as far as I can see and know) but the X axis now doesn't steer the 777 on the ground, as it did. Any ideas on what the cause of this may be and how to correct it? Thanks for your time and help in advance, Mike.