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  1. cliveedwards

    Beige 2D Panel and no displays

    Yes, engines running. I can even take off using elevator trim to rotate. I removed and re-installed the aircraft, and FSX. Now my problems are even worse with crashing to desktop or, when I select an aircraft (just re-loaded the PMDG 777-200), all I get is a partial aircraft, missing fuselage, landing gear, etc. Very strange. Could it be my display? NVIDIA with the GeForce 337.88 driver.
  2. Hi, I downloaded the PMDG MD-11 yesterday and installed on FSX on Windows 7 Pro (64 bit) I5 motherboard, NVIDIA G-Force video card with 2G RAM, 3G CPU, 8G RAM. When I select the MD-11, I get a 2D cockpit view with a beige (blank) instrument panel, black rectangles for FMS, EADI, NAV display, and other panels, no reaction to flap select, or flight control movement. In virtual cockpit mode, I can see all switches, and panels, displays and switches but clicking on them does nothing. Could this be a permission issue or FSUIPC problem since I just installed installed it?