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  1. I am getting a crackling sound in my audio that seems to only be associated with the engine sound. From what I can tell, voices on ATC or fspassengers all come across clear, its just the engine sound effect. Does anyone experienced this before, or do you know how to fix it? Maybe my 172 just needs an oil change :lol:
  2. Ok, yeah I've adjusted the sliders down a bit, and I think I can deal with that. Luckily my better half is pretty cool about my various hobbies, but given the $$$$ I've spent on some of them, I feel guilty even asking for a computer upgrade at this point...Thanks for your input Ryan, I appreciate it!
  3. I have just recently dusted off FSX again, and have really been enjoying it. Also a new member here (first post). Here's my situation...The wife probably won't allow me to upgrade my computer right now, so i'm stuck with this setup: HP DC7900 desktop Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 3.16Ghz 6GB DDR2 500 GB HDD NVidia GTX650 Windows 7 64-bit I have downloaded some freeware for the time being, and performance has been decent. I'm wondering though about purchasing some more high quality scenery addons. Also interested in addons for ATC, airport traffic, and air traffic, but I don't want to spend money if my system isn't going to cut it, so I'm looking for some direction from people who are more experienced with all this than I am. Am I better off just getting by with what I've got until maybe at some point I can upgrade, or is my system decent enough to handle the addons? I've already done the config file tweaks that seemed to help quite a bit, and I'm running SP2. Thanks guys!