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  1. Just sharing some images of my flight from KDEN - KSEA. I regret not taking photos leaving Denver as I climbed right through a a pretty gnarly storm. I just purchased AS2016 and ASCA for P3D and am quite happy with the results. All shots are on my descent into Seattle.
  2. Sean86m

    VATSIM Clients

    Hey all, any other VATSIM clients out there that work with P3 v3 other than vPilot? Having difficulties with the matching of models and throwing errors at me every few seconds. Kinda annoying to hear that over the headset non-stop.
  3. Sean86m

    Joystick Calibration

    Can anyone figure out how to calibrate a joystick in P3D V3.0? I cant find how to calibrate it in Windows 7 either. I'm using a Cyborg X and having some serious right rudder issues. When testing, the right rudder is only able to use about a 1/4 of its force, compared to full use of the left rudder.
  4. Good morning! Taxi to the active Spool up Climbing via the SID Desolation Urbanization Bellagio Fountains, nice timing. Welcome to Lost Wages!