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  1. Thanks for the information , I will pick up a version today and start to play , Ill let you know when Im ready for those panel adjustments. Regards, Victor
  2. Thanks for the welcome, I think i will start with the fsx gold edition and that 185 package and see how that goes, I'll have to go find it at a store seeing that it is not available online anymore would it be too difficult to modify the panel in the 185 add on to match my basic panel ?
  3. Good Day all , I have a real 64 185 cessna and have not flown for a while , I was looking for a good simulator to practice procedures and instrument flying before getting back behind the wheel, Also with the price of fuel I would like to be able to supplement my Real life practice. I have an old CH usb yoke from way back in 2000 or so . I did try microsofts latest sim then a few times, I would love to be able to adapt my actual instrument panel to the sim or as close to it to develop some familarity . Which simulator would best fit my needs. Is it easy to modify panels or can i have someone else do that also. If possible I would like the float version of the aircraft also but not totaly necessary.