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  1. tomtom989898

    FMC VS Autopilot off in decent?

    Thanks for the tip. tested a few flights and working great now!
  2. tomtom989898

    FMC VS Autopilot off in decent?

    I bet that may be the problem, I usually cut it, but not to idle. Let me try this! Thanks!
  3. tomtom989898

    FMC VS Autopilot off in decent?

    thanks for the reply, the throotle seems to be fine and I try to keep vnav and lnav active until 1500. I have not seen a drag required on most landings, only a few when I had a huge tailwind, which I did deploy some slats. I will get back with you on the profile, I am new to the aircraft, so not sure where that is at this point.
  4. tomtom989898

    FMC VS Autopilot off in decent?

    First off, probably, well yes the best add on aircraft I have ever purchased! I have a weird issue and it is more than likely something I am not doing right, but I seem to have an issue when I start the descent with autopilot in vnav mode, everything seems to go great until I am about 13,000 feet. For some reason I find the 777 is always 4 to 5 k higher that the desired height I need to be at. Have seen this time and time again for some reason. It will clearly show in the FMC flight level 2700 at next VOR, but when it reaches it, I am still at 7,000, of course causing me to go around again, but wanted to know if you have seen this or am I doing something wrong? I try not to cut auto pilot until 1000 to go. Notes :FSX, windows 7 64 bit, active sky, pfpx flight plans.