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  1. ModernAviation

    FlightSimStore Order (AUD/€)

    Thank you! They aswered yet and the order is canceled! Have a happy new year all! Nico
  2. ModernAviation

    FlightSimStore Order (AUD/€)

    Hello! I've ordered ORBX's Europe LC und Global Vector at the FlightSimStore for 71,40 AUD (at FlightSimStore told me that these are 47,00 €. I wanted to pay via bank transfer but at my bank house the man told me that it is very expensive (high fee) to tranfer from Germany to Australia. I've written the support of FSS that I want to cancel my order but they didn't answered yet. Did you know how long it will take until they answer? Will my order automaticlly will be canceled if I dont transfer the amout? Or did anyone know how much Euro I need to transfer that the get their full amout of 71,40 AUD? I've ordered at the 28.12.'15 at 1 am. My bank house is the german Sparkasse. Hope you can help me fast... Sincerely Nico
  3. ModernAviation

    PMDG Operation Center for PMDG 737NGX

    But if i start the installer and "Repair" NGX, there is no PMDG Operation Center.. Did I need to uninstall the NGX and Reinstall it with the update?
  4. ModernAviation

    PMDG Operation Center for PMDG 737NGX

    Hello! I just wanted to download some 737NGX liveries but PMDG says that I have a Operiation Center like the 777 has to download some liveries. BUt my Problem is, I bought it 1 year ago and so I did not have the Operation Center. Did anyone know where I can get this? Attention PMDG 737NGX & 777 customers: Liveries are downloaded and installed with the PMDG Operations Center app located in your Start Menu at PMDG Simulations/PMDG Operations Center. Hope you can help me! ModernAviation
  5. ModernAviation

    PMDG_737NGX.DLL crash

    Could you send me anyway the FSUIPC you have used? mine didn't work to fix the problem :'/ Bye MA