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  1. EJM1701

    These guys are serious...?

    Point taken. However, I would like to know you "put your money where your mouth is"...book yourself on one of these flights and let me know how it turns out. I suppose the Asiana KSFO crash was an example of Korea's finest when the pilot dropped the &@($*-end of that 777 into the sea wall. Was that incompetence or did the blocks just slip off the rudder peddles? There is a reason that the top carriers in that region go looking elsewhere for pilots..As for me, I will stick with Delta.
  2. EJM1701

    These guys are serious...?

    Unfortunately, it seems these guys are serious....I am a Fox News watcher and even I am ashamed at the stupidity of the coverage. I love the "experts" that surface on these aviation stories. Last week Fox interviewed a 777 pilot along side some IT guy. The IT goofball actually suggested that someone could hack into the avionics via the Wi-Fi....are you kidding? The veteran pilot was trying (graciously) not to make the IT guy seem like a complete moron...a tough job. Now people are looking at us GA pilots and Av-simmers with suspicion. These amateurs and "arm-chair analysts" have about as much business commenting on aviation, simulators and this case as the brainless hosts on "The View" do talking about politics. There are ONLY three things right now that could even be, remotely, considered facts: Whomever was in control of the plane (assuming it WAS hijacked) at the time it went off-course, knew how to fly the aircraft and/or operate the auto pilot and the FMC. We are dealing with incompetent and corrupt third-world societies and governments...both regarding the incident AND the investigation. These nations have poorly trained airline personnel, shoddy maintenance standards and arbitrarily enforced safety standards and are all-too-ready to blame Boeing rather than point the finger at incompetent or fanatic pilots. There are only two ways this aircraft will be found: Wreckage from a crash site (if it went down) or the person/people responsible for the disappearance finally "drop the other shoe" and claim responsibility. A possible third way would be that we (the United States) pays off some third-world bottom dweller that knows something to spill the beans...just like we did with Saddam and Bin Ladden