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  1. bgm1961

    Pan Am TV show?

    I enjoyed the series, mostly for the topic. (And the eye candy - for both the guys and gals - was a plus). But as others said above, it was a bit too much soap opera. I would've preferred to see some of the plots (such as the espionage angle) fleshed out a bit more. The only other part which was hard for me to get past, was the youth of Pan Am's superstar pilot who got all the good routes. He was only in his early thirties, at most, yet he was assigned the most senior-level routes. Other than that, the show was fun.
  2. bgm1961

    who stole the plane

    This question may be getting a bit ahead of things right now, but I'm not looking forward to the spotlight which will shine upon this hobby once again, IF it's learned that he was a flight simmer, and had a model of the aircraft in his flight sim library. IF that be the case - and given the inevitable discussion of how this incident could've turned out much worse regardless of motive - there will definitely be the questions concerning this hobby's role in enabling such activity. Yet so far in this thread, I haven't seen too much concern about this possible unwelcome attention/threat to the hobby. Is my concern off base?