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  1. KRAKE802

    [18OCT17] So what is going on at PMDG?

    Let's not forget PMDG's big game changer... The 747-8i/F has ground charts Can't wait to see that implemented!! Also, any chance of seeing an update with the 737 & (mainly) 777 to have the PMDG Ground services like the 747 has? It'd make it much more fun to use! Also to implement the 777 with the ACARS in the 3rd FMC like the 747 has? I also would love to see an update about the JS41
  2. Hi there, sorry to bother everyone but this is really bugging me now! I've been having this issue with FSX where my frames are running fine and then suddenly drops down to 2/3FPS for about 30 seconds. Which, clearly isn't right. It all happened after I installed Aerosoft's Airbus X Extended, it happened to me before but I was never able to fix it, and then I put my system back to Windows 7 and now I'm back on Windows 8. FSX had been running perfectly until I installed that aircraft, then, it started to grab all of FSX and drop everything down. Here's a video: After investiagting for a little while, we found out that my CPU clocking had been dropping from 4.36GHz to 1.36GHz for those 30 seconds of frame loss. Someone mentioned that my CPU was over heating, but my CPU has been running between 40% and 60% which is usually for my PC to run at during the time FSX is on. Here is my system: AMD Radeon 6670 16GB RAM AMD Bulldozer CPU AMD FX™-4170 Quad-Core Processor at 4.4GHz Windows 8 x64 Anybody able to help? If you need more questions I'm willing to answer them!
  3. KRAKE802

    FSX - Major Lag Spike - HELP?!

    I've been monitoring my CPU with it for the past few days and it's running normal, at 60%. - It was doing that percentage before all this was happening? :huh:
  4. KRAKE802

    FSX - Major Lag Spike - HELP?!

    After looking around at some stuff, I've looked at the CPU and I'm running at about 4.36GHz... Once the random lag spike comes in and attacks, it drops my CPU to 1.36GHz until the lag spike is over... - Any idea?
  5. KRAKE802

    Squawk Box Trouble

    Ah! I had this issue... The first reason was because I didn't know in the PMDG 777, you had to turn on the Frequency and mics... So, I did that... After a while, It happened to me again but everything was okay. I had to keep Closing down Sqawkbox and then reopening it and then I could hear them... And then after a while, I decided the best was to reinstall it and restart my PC... Seemed to of worked for me.
  6. Hi there! So, I'm new on here and I'm not sure this is the right place to put this on the forums but if so, then huzzah! - Anyway, onto the issue! I'm getting average frames for my PC, between 10 to 30FPS on the ground in a payware airport with a payware aircraft: On this video, it shows me in the PMDG 777 at Heathrow by UK2000. Now, if you read the description it reads; This does not only preform on this aircraft but the lagspike originated from Airbus X Extended, I have then deleted Airbus X Extended and reset my CFG, but it still preforms... It never use to do this until I installed and used the Airbus X Extended. So, ever since I installed the Airbus X Extended by Aerosoft, it caused random horrific lag spikes. - I have 2 CFGs on my PC that both work perfectly and I have been working on for a few years now! So, I was running one of them. - lets call this CFG, #1. - It was working fine until I ran the Airbus X Extended, and then it started to Lag Spike bad, so I deleted that CFG and replaced it with (CFG) #2 and it was continuing to lag spike. So, I looked online and someone said to change the "BufferPools" in the CFG to "Poolsize=0", so I tried that... Still did it again. So, I went back to #2 and deleted all under "[Trusted]" so I could retrust everything again... - To my surprise, it was running smoothly again until I set the PMDG 777 to cold and dark, and then this kept happening (In the video) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My CFG follows as - // This file was tweaked on Aug 02, 2013 at 17:20 GMT using Bojote's automated FSX Tweaking & Tuning Service // Your 'original' fsx.cfg file was backed up at // This file is optimized as follows: 4 core(s), CPU speed 5, HT 0, GPU 3, PREF 2 // You can visit Bojote's FSX Tweaking & Tuning service at [MAPVIEW_MAP] SHOW_AIRPORTS=1 SHOW_AIRSPACE=1 SHOW_APPROACHES=1 SHOW_DATATAGS=1 SHOW_FLIGHTPLAN=1 SHOW_INTERSECTIONS=0 SHOW_JET=0 SHOW_NDBS=1 SHOW_TERRAIN=1 SHOW_VICTOR=0 SHOW_VORS=1 SHOW_WEATHERSTATIONS=1 SHOW_WEATHERSYSTEMS=1 show_flight_history=1 [RWW_WEATHER_MAP] SHOW_AIRPORTS=1 SHOW_AIRSPACE=0 SHOW_APPROACHES=1 SHOW_DATATAGS=1 SHOW_FLIGHTPLAN=1 SHOW_INTERSECTIONS=0 SHOW_JET=0 SHOW_NDBS=1 SHOW_TERRAIN=1 SHOW_VICTOR=0 SHOW_VORS=1 SHOW_WEATHERSTATIONS=1 SHOW_WEATHERSYSTEMS=1 [bufferPools] Poolsize=0 [VirtualCopilot] VirtualCopilotActive=0 [sOUND] AmbientUI=0 AmbientUIMusic=FSX01 AmbientUIMusicVolume=-6.000000 PrimaryDevice={DEF00000-9C6D-47ED-AAF1-4DDA8F2B5C03} SOUND=0 SOUND_FADER1=1.000000 SOUND_FADER2=1.000000 SOUND_FADER3=1.000000 SOUND_FADER4=1.000000 SOUND_LOD=1 SOUND_QUALITY=2 UISound=1 VoiceDevice={DEF00002-9C6D-47ED-AAF1-4DDA8F2B5C03} [slewTextInfo.1] AirSpeed=1,5 Altitude=1,3 Heading=1,4 Latitude=1,1 Longitude=1,2 [AContain] LabelColor=FFFF0000 LabelDelay=1000 ShowLabelAirline=0 ShowLabelAirlineAndFlightNumber=0 ShowLabelAirspeed=0 ShowLabelAltitude=1 ShowLabelContainerId=0 ShowLabelDistance=1 ShowLabelFlightPlan=0 ShowLabelHeading=0 ShowLabelManufacturer=1 ShowLabelModel=1 ShowLabelTailNumber=1 ShowLabels=1 ShowUserLabel=1 [ATC] AutoOpenAirTrafficWindow=1 COMM_MSG_AI_ATC_COLOR=FFFF7840 COMM_MSG_ATC_AI_COLOR=FF00FF00 COMM_MSG_ATC_USER_COLOR=FFB6FFB6 COMM_MSG_NONE_COLOR=FFFFFFFF COMM_MSG_USER_ATC_COLOR=FFFFD21B PilotVoice=0 ShowATCText=1 UsePilotVoice=1 [TextInfo.1] AirSpeed=1,5 Altitude=1,3 Heading=1,4 Latitude=1,1 Longitude=1,2 WindDirectionAndSpeed=1,6 [iNTERNATIONAL] ASLAT=2 ASLON=1 MEASURE=0 [CONTROLS] Controls_Current=Standard Controls_Default=Standard KBDAIL=64 KBDELEV=64 KBDRUD=100 [FACILITIES] CITY=London COUNTRY=United Kingdom GTL_BUTTON=1384 STATE= [TextInfo.3] AirSpeed=1,5 Altitude=1,3 FrameRate=2,1 FuelPercentage=2,4 GForce=2,3 Heading=1,4 Latitude=1,1 LockedFrameRate=2,2 Longitude=1,2 WindDirectionAndSpeed=1,6 [PointOfInterestSystem] CycleSetting=0 [GRAPHICS] AC_SELF_SHADOW=0 AIRCRAFT_REFLECTIONS=1 AIRCRAFT_SHADOWS=1 ALLOW_SHADER_30=1 COCKPIT_HIGH_LOD=1 D3D10=0 EFFECTS_QUALITY=2 ForceFullScreenVSync=0 ForceWindowedVSync=0 GROUND_SHADOWS=0 HIGHMEMFIX=1 IMAGE_QUALITY=0 LANDING_LIGHTS=1 NUM_LIGHTS=8 See_Self=1 TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=1024 TEXTURE_QUALITY=3 Text_Scroll=1 SHADER_CACHE_PRIMED_10=1693458432 SHADER_CACHE_PRIMED=1693458432 [DISPLAY.Device.AMD Radeon HD 6670.0.0] Anisotropic=1 AntiAlias=1 Mode=1024x768x32 [TrafficManager] AIRPORT_SCENERY_DENSITY=0 AirlineDensity=0 FreewayDensity=72 GADensity=0 IFROnly=0 LeisureBoatsDensity=20 ShipsAndFerriesDensity=0 [DynamicHeadMovement] HeadMoveTimeConstant=1.000000 LonAccelOnHeadLon=-0.020000 LonAccelOnHeadPitch=-0.010000 MaxHeadAngle=5.000000 MaxHeadOffset=0.300000 RollAccelOnHeadLat=0.010000 RollAccelOnHeadRoll=0.100000 YawAccelOnHeadLat=-0.100000 [REALISM] AutoCoord=False AutoTrim=False CrashDetection=False CrashTolerance=1.000000 CrashWithDyn=False GEffect=True General=1.000000 GyroDrift=True GyroEffect=1.000000 ManualLights=False PFactor=1.000000 RealMixture=False StressDamage=False Torque=1.000000 TrueAirspeed=False UnlimitedFuel=True [Weather] AdjustForMagVarInDialog=1 CLOUD_COVERAGE_DENSITY=8 CLOUD_DRAW_DISTANCE=4 DETAILED_CLOUDS=1 DisableTurbulence=0 DownloadWindsAloft=1 DynamicWeather=0 MaxGustRampSpeed=200 MaxGustTime=500 MaxVarRampSpeed=75 MaxVarTime=50 MinGustRampSpeed=1 MinGustTime=10 MinVarRampSpeed=10 MinVarTime=5 THERMAL_VISUALS=0 TurbulenceScale=1.000000 WeatherGraphDataInDialog=0 WeatherServerPort=80 WindshieldPrecipitationEffects=1 [Misc] Com_Rate=7 [Main] DisablePreload=1 FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.33 HideMenuFullscreen=1 HideMenuNormal=0 Location=272,3,1312,783,\\.\DISPLAY1 Maximized=2 SimObjectPaths.0=SimObjects\Airplanes SimObjectPaths.1=SimObjects\Rotorcraft SimObjectPaths.2=SimObjects\GroundVehicles SimObjectPaths.3=SimObjects\Boats SimObjectPaths.4=SimObjects\Animals SimObjectPaths.5=SimObjects\Misc SimObjectPaths.6=MyTraffic\Aircraft User Objects=Airplane, Helicopter ProcSpeed=8093 PerfBucket=7 [DISPLAY.Device.AMD Radeon HD 6670.0] Anisotropic=1 AntiAlias=1 Mode=1680x1050x32 [Trusted] C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\fsdreamteam\couatl\couatl.exe.tcrnlbcqkhoaabrbuaqetnuotlccaoizlkiqtzob=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\bglmanx.dll.wwiczuwanllzounkruwetrhowkwkilwwlkuuholi=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\PMDG\DLLs\PMDG_Interface.dll.bkbiceinleikuzqwlqcizochrzriralqbnlozhlq=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\RAASPRO\RAASPRO.dll.aaqwinhkutwkklnqncbeuukwaiqkewkiqwauztzc=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\PMDG\DLLs\PMDG_HUD_interface.dll.ttiteohcrqeihheiubqqlkulhzectaneebhnehuz=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\VistaMare\ViMaCoreX.dll.lqqkqrcothknoelbinlbhqztwtcqrknwwubctuwt=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Aerosoft\Flight Recorder\AS-FlightRecorder.dll.ccucuohzknitibiqalelltkuqrcibrctaokltuei=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\FSUIPC4.dll.ocqleceqeebhhwnohithcbqwtkokalweocbzoaeu=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\SquawkBox\sbtrans10.dll.ebcltuttoakllhihwlhoahiolniwcilbhlhninln=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\SquawkBox\sbaicontrol10.dll.rwocoonrqhuoithtibbiunbabwakntbiucnrelbb=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\SquawkBox\sbmod10.dll.iiulkleinlhiqaekqnuqazntkehzktehtaqlntzu=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Captain_Sim\ C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\GAUGES\PMDG_777X.DLL.ntkkwenqnnhzobitcwunzwwwinihkazwqqthzlkz=2 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\GAUGES\PMDG_777X_3.DLL.qnnwzullteebilzubrwncozowohaaeqrkbizaele=2 [TextInfo.2] FrameRate=1,1 FuelPercentage=1,4 GForce=1,3 LockedFrameRate=1,2 [uSERINTERFACE] DisplayFuelAsWeight=0 Map_Orientation=2 OpenATCOnCreate=0 PAUSE_ON_LOST_FOCUS=0 PROMPT_ON_EXIT=1 PageID=1 SHOW_MISSION_CAPTIONS=0 SITUATION=FLIGHTS\OTHER\FLTSIM SelectAircraftManufacturer=All SelectAircraftPublisher=All SelectAircraftType=All ShowAllACPaintSchemes=1 [sIM] SYSCLOCK=1 [Display] ActiveWindowTitleBackGroundColor=0,28,140,64 ActiveWindowTitleTextColor=255,255,255 BLOOM_EFFECTS=0 ChangeTime=4.000000 InfoBrakesEnable=True InfoLowerLeftBackGroundColor=255,0,0,128 InfoLowerLeftTextColor=255,255,255 InfoLowerRightBackGroundColor=255,0,0,128 InfoLowerRightTextColor=255,255,255 InfoOverspeedEnable=True InfoParkingBrakesEnable=True InfoPauseEnable=True InfoSlewEnable=True InfoStallEnable=True InfoUpperRightBackGroundColor=0,0,0,0 InfoUpperRightTextColor=255,0,0 NonActiveWindowTitleBackGroundColor=24,33,87,64 NonActiveWindowTitleTextColor=255,255,255 SKINNED_ANIMATIONS=1 TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=120 TextureMaxLoad=6 TransitionTime=4.000000 UPPER_FRAMERATE_LIMIT=0 WideViewAspect=True [JOBSCHEDULER] AffinityMask=14 [slewTextInfo.3] AirSpeed=1,5 Altitude=1,3 FrameRate=2,1 Heading=1,4 Latitude=1,1 LockedFrameRate=2,2 Longitude=1,2 [WeatherMap] SHOW_AIRPORTS=0 SHOW_AIRSPACE=0 SHOW_APPROACHES=0 SHOW_DATATAGS=1 SHOW_FLIGHTPLAN=1 SHOW_INTERSECTIONS=0 SHOW_JET=0 SHOW_NDBS=0 SHOW_TERRAIN=1 SHOW_VICTOR=0 SHOW_VORS=0 SHOW_WEATHERSTATIONS=1 SHOW_WEATHERSYSTEMS=1 [PANELS] DEFAULT_VIEW=0 IMAGE_QUALITY=1 PANEL_MASKING=1 PANEL_OPACITY=100 PANEL_STRETCHING=1 QUICKTIPS=0 UNITS_OF_MEASURE=0 [sTARTUP] DEMO=0 LoadWindow=1 SHOW_OPENING_SCREEN=1 STARTUP_DEMO=0 [slewTextInfo.2] FrameRate=1,1 LockedFrameRate=1,2 [TERRAIN] AUTOGEN_DENSITY=3 DETAIL_TEXTURE=1 LOD_RADIUS=4.500000 MESH_COMPLEXITY=80 MESH_RESOLUTION=22 SWAP_WAIT_TIMEOUT=2 TEXTURE_RESOLUTION=26 WATER_EFFECTS=5 [sCENERY] DAWN_DUSK_SMOOTHING=1 IMAGE_COMPLEXITY=3 LENSFLARE=1 MAX_ASYNC_BATCHING_JOBS=3 SmallPartRejectRadius=4.0 [FlightPlanMap] LineWidth=2 SHOW_AIRPORTS=1 SHOW_AIRSPACE=1 SHOW_APPROACHES=1 SHOW_DATATAGS=1 SHOW_FLIGHTPLAN=1 SHOW_INTERSECTIONS=1 SHOW_JET=0 SHOW_NDBS=1 SHOW_TERRAIN=1 SHOW_VICTOR=0 SHOW_VORS=1 SHOW_WEATHERSTATIONS=1 SHOW_WEATHERSYSTEMS=1 show_ac_twr=1 show_airways=1 show_markers=1 show_volume_boundaries=1 show_waypoints=1 [MULTIPLAYER] AccountLogin=0 condAccoutPassword=0 LanUsername=Anty VoiceVolume=2.000000 IP1=82 IP2=22 IP3=7 IP4=63 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My PC specs are as followed: AMD Radeon 6670 16GB RAM AMD Bulldozer CPU AMD FX-4170 Quad-Core Processor at 4.4GHz Windows 8 x64 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If anyone is willing to help me here, I would be very happy! - Any other information I'd be happy to give!