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  1. What is FlyUALV? FlyUALV is a brand new Virtual Airline. Our plan is to closely simulate the operations of United Airlines, but with some minor changes to make it a more fun, exciting VA environment Who is FlyUALV for? Anyone! Well, anyone with an interest in flying! Don't know too much about aviation? Thats OK, we can help. Are you an expert? Great, you can probably teach us a thing or two! What makes FlyUALV different? Our goal with FlyUALV is to create a more realistic airline experience than many other Virtual Airlines offer. Here are a few examples of how we plan to do that: Unique Ranking SystemInstead of having pilots progress up through the ranks by flying a certain number of hours like most Virtual Airlines, we plan to implement a unique ranking system that allows pilots to progress through the ranks from a regional First Officer to a Sr. International Captain via a combination of hours requirements and skills and knowledge assessments. Unique Dispatch SystemPilots will be able to request route assignments based on their current rank and available aircraft, but ultimately will be assigned based on a combination of requests, availability of aircraft and seniority. After pilots complete their assigned load (no set arrival/departure times), they will be able to fly any route that an aircraft for which they are qualified is capable of completing. These are just a few examples of how we plan to set FlyUALV apart from other airlines. What are we looking for? We are currently looking to hire a few staff members. The list below will be updated as positions are filled. HIRING - Web Developer (0/2)We are looking for a number of WebDevs to work alongside myself in setting up a user-friendly, functional and helpful airline website. HIRING - Fleet Manager (0/1)We are looking for an individual with experience in Virtual Airline piloting and/or management to help update and maintain our fleet. Since our goal is to closely mimic United's actual fleet we will need to constantly expand and update our fleet as FlyUALV grows. HIRING - Hub Managers (0/4)We are looking for a number of dedicated Hub Managers to handle day-to-day operations for each hub. Hub Managers will be responsible for dispatching routes, handling pilots' questions, requests, comments and complaints. Are you interested? To apply send an email to Austin@FlyUALV.com and tell us what position you are interested and why we should hire you. Past experience and a portfolio will definitely help your chances. Join us on the FlyUALV TeamSpeak Server (ts.flyualv.com:7058)