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  1. Flugmatz

    V 2.6.3- Jumpstarter failed

    ok- it works. The point is: The program sets IMHO the wrong path by default (...Programs/FSX) and I didn't check it. However - thanks a lot for your assistance. Happy landings Matthias
  2. Flugmatz

    V 2.6.3- Jumpstarter failed

    well, its as follows: - the livery manager is ok- no problems with that, he does what he is made for - there is actually no error window, the second line in jumpstarter tells: "Found no standard flight" , so all the rest is not functioning - I use FSX Best Matthias
  3. Flugmatz

    V 2.6.3- Jumpstarter failed

    Hi, just installed SIMstarter and get myself familiar with different features. Unfortunately the Jumpstarter doesn't work ("No standard flight"). Tried the hint from previous version with opening/closing livery manager - without success. Could you pls give advice? Regarding the manual(s): As a reference "Chapter 0" is mentioned in chapter 4 "Opening screen" - where is it? Can't find a chapter 0. Best wishes Matthias