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    Have my PPL, AOPA Member, try to fly as much.. Am on simulation when the weather is not flyable, or when my pockets are empty...:) I use primarily for training (new airports)
  1. Hello, I am Jaap from the Netherlands. When I was busy with my pilot license (PPL) I bought a computer, saitek Yoke, Rudder and some goflight stuff. I imagined that practicing some flying at home, behind my computer, should be useful in reducing my needed flying lessons. In the end it took some time to get started, and I finished my PPL before everything was running properly. The computer that I had bought (i7-2600K with 32gb and GTX580) gave me a BSOD once in a while. At one moment in time I couldn't stand it anymore and bought another one. On this new computer I had to install everything again. Since I have to spend a lot of time at work (and having a family too) I do not have alot of time to tweak everyting. Now with the spring is coming. I like to go flying in the real world to some airports I have never bin before. FSX or P3D (I have both installed) seems a good platform to be prepared for these trips. So it is time to spend some time to get everything working, and get some sim hours in my virtual logbook! I am located near EHMZ, and want to go to Shoreham, The Isles of Scilly and Helgoland in the near future. My first objective is to get my two computers connected (if necessary, the BSOD problem has been fixed yet), with Skydemon on my Ipad. May blue skies and happy landings! Jaap....