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  1. Thanks pcubine! I have got it to work. The secret is to use the Texture Backup option in REX to revert to your original textures then switch off the aircraft lighting options in REX and the MD11 landing lights reappear! Oh the joys of FSX and differing developers! Thanks again for taking the time to reply it is greatly appreciated.
  2. Sorry to have to resurrect this thread guys but I have had this problem. I unchecked the lighting boxes in REX Essential Plus Overdrive and I reinstalled the MD11 but I still have no landing light in front of me! The runway turn off lights work ok but not the main landing lights. Will I have to reinstall REX?
  3. New/Old VA repaint required

    One of the oldest VAs has recently been resurrected by one of the original Directors. Its name is Airwego and many of us that now grace the ranks of the better known VAs owe our early "learning" days to Airwego. One of their principle aircraft has been chosen as the PMDG 737 NGX and they need a repainter who would undertake this task for them. The livery is not complicated and they have all the information (logo, etc) available to anyone who would be kind enough to help them. This is really a deserving cause as they have done many good deeds in the old days helping those of us to learn our FS skills on and offline so any help would be most gratefully received! Many thanks Tony C