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  1. Thanks for taking the time to post a reply I was just really wondering how the product was progressing. Yes I can see there may have been a few things more I could have tried but don't have it now so will have to wait for the finished product to be ready I guess. Appreciate your update though guys.
  2. I purchased this "early access" product when it first came out. I liked the what it appeared to offer. However I was one of many who having installed it in FSX couldn't get a single AI aircraft to appear anywhere which kind of defeated the object of an AI programme . I did stick with it for a while trying many "fixes" suggested by Rich and others but nothing worked. I assumed it was something to do with my old W7 and boxed original FSX that somehow wasn't compatible with this programme and got my money back. However I have remained interested in its development and though I can't log in to the Early Access Forum it would be interesting to hear if they have ever managed to identify the problem of zero AI aircraft showing for certain people and thus made it worthwhile to reconsider?
  3. Thanks pcubine! I have got it to work. The secret is to use the Texture Backup option in REX to revert to your original textures then switch off the aircraft lighting options in REX and the MD11 landing lights reappear! Oh the joys of FSX and differing developers! Thanks again for taking the time to reply it is greatly appreciated.
  4. Sorry to have to resurrect this thread guys but I have had this problem. I unchecked the lighting boxes in REX Essential Plus Overdrive and I reinstalled the MD11 but I still have no landing light in front of me! The runway turn off lights work ok but not the main landing lights. Will I have to reinstall REX?
  5. tonyc

    New/Old VA repaint required

    One of the oldest VAs has recently been resurrected by one of the original Directors. Its name is Airwego and many of us that now grace the ranks of the better known VAs owe our early "learning" days to Airwego. One of their principle aircraft has been chosen as the PMDG 737 NGX and they need a repainter who would undertake this task for them. The livery is not complicated and they have all the information (logo, etc) available to anyone who would be kind enough to help them. This is really a deserving cause as they have done many good deeds in the old days helping those of us to learn our FS skills on and offline so any help would be most gratefully received! Many thanks Tony C
  6. tonyc

    FSUIPC Flap Problem

    Peter/Dan In the illustrious words of Homer (not he of Grecian philosophy fame but the one and only Mr Simpson!) DOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!!!!!!! After all these years of flying and simming why I didn't think of that before? I can only blame (as all else) on my ageing brain! I guess in this hobby we get used to aircraft that are less realistic than the PMDG J41 and operate their flaps with no engine generator power. Whatever, great call and thanks again! I just love this hobby as much for the great people you meet on the forums as the flying itself. Long may that continue Tony
  7. tonyc

    FSUIPC Flap Problem

    Thans Dan I looked for that ini file but I am unsure where it is located. It isn't with all the other FSUIPC files in the Modules folder.
  8. I have a new and somewhat fatal problme that I simply cannot solve. I decided to try and set my PMDG cotrols from within FSUIPC and generally these worked except the flaps which basically now only move into the first (Flaps 9) position and wil move absolutely nowhere else thereafter (up or down). I have tried taking the J41 out of FSCUIP and that doesn't work. I tried re enabling my joystick (Saitek Yoke and Throttle) in the main FSX Options/ Contols but even though I have reset the axis and buttons. etc in this the flaps are still sticking moving into the first flap position and staying there. No matter what!! Whatever FSUICP has done seems to have fundamentally changed something in the J41 files. I am at the point of completely having to reinstall the aircraft unless anyone has any good ideas? Also if I need to re download off the PMDG site how do I do that as there isn't a "Your Account" section that I can see?
  9. Thanks for that Dan. No I don't use FSUIPC for the controls but as a matter of fact I am just trying to look up how to set my Saitek controls for that. I will certainly watch out for the circumstances next time and report back. I did notice when I had loss of autopilot that thr trim was way out needing back pressure on the yoke to stay level. Sorry about the name thing I will have a look and see how I can add a signature to these forums. Thanks again. Tony Causer
  10. I really enjoy flying the PMDG J41 and generally I have overcome all its little "oddities"! However one thing happens every so often I really don't understand. I will have the aircraft stable in autopilot perhaps in the descent to the arrival airfield and may have set my VS "roller" to -1500ft/min then when I go back to it to readjust the cockpit tip tool I see when pointing to something says Inc/Dec 2 (or up to 7) instead of + or - ft/min, the aircraft drops like a stone and won't allow me even to put the autopilot back on which has dropped out when I needed to apply a manual recovery from the dive. This has happened a few times and I don't see what I am doing differently to cause it. Any ideas?
  11. tonyc

    J41 major issue

    Of all the answers re my expectations this is by far the most sensible. I understand where you are coming from its simply that whether it is selling for $45 or $85 all I am suggesting is that at the very least any new buyers are warned of its shortcomings BEFORE they buy it (assuming they are not expecting to spend hours online reseaching if it is good because they naturally assume if it is PMDG it will be) and certainly a simple addendum to the manual is added with a workaround as Kyle kindly provided. This would take no development work, cost practically nothing, stop the necessity for new buyers having to spend hours trying to get the thing to work and the heated debates on forums such as this. Oh and yes of course would do no harm in helping to retain the PMDG image which for me, though I have the 747 and MD11, has been dented but certainly not beyond repair!
  12. tonyc

    J41 major issue

    Well that explains it. Though it doesn't excuse what should have happened. Sorry Peter I have no idea what a Lua script is and yes I have a registered version of FSUIPC. Again thanks all for your kind assistance perhaps what I am alluding to is payware aircraft should be under constant development where improvements can be made. To be honest I have the Majestic Q400 and it is "challenging" but excellent to fly! I don't use FS Captain with it but this is a seperate add on and I would perhaps expect issues where they are related to addons of my choice. Just not to the original basic aircraft. I don't have the PMDG 777 so I can't comment but again it sounds like something the developer could and should correct in an update. Anyway thanks again guys I really appreciate the help and chat even if we don't all have the same view. Tony
  13. tonyc

    J41 major issue

    Hi Kyle Firstly my thanks for answering so promptly and also for the "workaround" which indeed has worked well. However my comments regarding being less than impressed has to be valid for any payware simulation that very clearly has purchasers pulling out their hair due a "peculiarity" which, judging from the posts I have read, has been commented about since the aircraft was published some years ago! I would fairly have expected any simulator publisher (let alone PMDG with their reputation) to have got the developer to update the sim or its config manager to simplify this procedure. I certainly don't know of any comparable sim that requires loading via another aircraft. Anyway Kyle I thank you very much for your time and am truly grateful for your help. In fact do you not think that your answer to me was so good it should be a sticky to save anymore individuals going through the same trauma? Tony
  14. Whilst I agree this sim is an excellent rendition of the real thing I have one major issue that I have spent over a day trying to solve regarding the cockpit condition on sim loading. If I close my PC and start FSX from scratch then load the J41 tutorial flight I get a cockpit that is truly cold and dark which responds to the instructions of the tutorial. However if I try to move the aircraft to a different location or change the aircraft to a liveried type all kinds of weird things happen! Most importantly switches like the battery masters and GPU show me they are ON when I hover my mouse over them but they never light up! The avionics masters show as on but don't switch on the HSI or cockpit screens. As a result if you try to continue with FMC programming it dies on you half way through programming presumably because the battery dies as there is no power (even though it shows you there is on the overhead when hovering the mouse). I have read various threads where people have had the same problem and suggestions such as loading the Cessna 172 first cold and dark, etc have been suggested. I have tried every workaround I know but its no use. The other very odd thing is even when I close down FSX and load the tutorial flight again it loads in the same "corrupt" way rather than in its proper cold and dark format. Weird!!! I should add that my FSX is loaded with the default Trike flight at Friday Harbour just as the PMDG guide to such problems suggests. It is something I have never in 20 years of simming come up against and I have to say that despite all the great things that are said about PMDG I am less than impressed with what should be the most basic of sim needs, loading an aircraft in a state I can use. As my flying is for VAs I need to load this aircraft with engines off and then be able to programme it like any other. Thus far I am not impressed.
  15. Phew thank goodness for that I thought you meant you couldn't use the transponder dial to get the numbers up!