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  1. So apparently it wont be as easy as drag and drop, it will require some work in the SDK. Im going to give it a shot but I have no experience with the SDK so it may take some time. If anyone can contribute to the thread then please do. I think there are thousands of people out there hoping this will work.
  2. Thanks for the quick replies. I need to try work out where the Community folder is, took me an hour just to find the WindowsApp folder, lol. It will be good if someone who has been able to do it can post some instructions. I was disappointed to hear there were no sailplanes for the launch so Im really keen to try get this working. Thanks guys.
  3. Hi all I have asked in a few places but dont seem to get any response so I thought I would start a new topic. In the interview with Asobo, they mentioned it is "possible" for some legacy FSX aircraft to work in the new sim and it will be simply drag and drop. I want to try out some of my FSX sailplanes to see how well FS2020 simulates thermals / rising air and ridge lift etc. But I cannot seem to find where they would be drag and dropped too. I found the Microsoft.FlightSimulator folder within the Program Files/WindowsApps folder but there are no folders that seem to be where you could do it. I was expecting a different layout, so not exactly Sim Object/Airplanes like in FSX, but something at least similar. Has anyone tried adding legacy aircraft or does anyone have any ideas. I'm loving the new sim so far but as I am predominately focused on sailplanes it would be nice to give it a try. Thanks. Brett
  4. I clicked the mouse on the screen as hitting a button didnt seem to do anything.
  5. Does anyone know the location for drag and drop of legacy aircraft? I want to try out a sailplane to see how the simulation of up drafts, ridge lift etc work but I cannot find where this is located as there doesnt seem to be anything in the only folder I can find for FS2020 in WindowsApps.
  6. Hi all I watched the video with the developers and in it they mentioned that some older FSX aircraft could potentially work in FS2020 but I cannot even find the folder where FS2020 is installed. This thread is the closest I can find to what I am looking for. I installed it on my C drive without changing any file locations. Can anyone point me to where the install location is? I have found some other Xbox Gamepass games installed in C/Program Files/WindowsApps and there is a folder in there called Microsioft.FlightSimulator but when I go there it does not seem to have any structure or any files where "SimObjects" might be installed. So I dont see how it could be drag and drop like how they Asobo state it will be in the interview video. Im really keen to test a glider in the sim to see how the weather dynamics work. Any help will be really appreciated. Thanks Brett
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