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  1. Hi Ed, thanks for the reply. As you know P3D and FSX are both a variation of using multiple add-ons and every now and then an incompatibility pops up. You always try to answer every question asked, thank you for that. But in this case it might be very helpful to ask the guy what could cause the problem. For us end-users it is just a crash we see when using the Mindstar GNS, even though it might not even be related -as you stated. Greetings
  2. Hi, I have the same Problem. I have a CTD with GNS530/430 upon Waypoint entry in FPL. I downloaded suggested Fsuipc and applied the corresponding fixes in the .ini file but it is not working. I am using as I need corrected frequencies for training purposes. Any suggestions? Regards
  3. yep_DD

    Engine Accuracy

    Hey fellow DA-40 Flyers, may be you've come across the same issues. Why is the engine a 6cyl engine? AFAIK a IO 360 M1A / A4M (4 cyl, inj.) is used (or a Cenurion Diesel)? What I am also missing: the typical hiccup the DA40 gets when it is leaned and you throttle forward. Greetings
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    Engine Accuracy

    Hi coolp, thanks for the quick reply, do you think an update will be released to address that issue? Probably not, right?. I was thinking about buying the A2A's model. Are they that accurate and nice to fly with? yep_DD
  5. Hello, I recently purchased the mindstar GNS430 with RealNav Data Updates for IFR Training. I've experienced the following issue: When I am in NAV View Mode, viewing the map, I am unable to to set the Data Fields. I can not enter the "Data Fields" Menu. Also: Upon initialition my HSI does not show the CDI and flags according to the initialization window (Half left, out of view, half up, etc...) Am I doing something wrong? PS: I am using the Alabeo DA-40 for now. The GNS430 Stack is integrated in 2D Panel (fully working) and in VC (partially working) I'd be glad to get some help and apologize if the question has been raised before.
  6. Hi Ed, thanks again for the reply. That sounds great actually. May I ask when the product had been released? May be I was just expecting a little too much or didn't read thoroughly enough what is still missing. It'd be great to see the product grow n the future. Will new features be announced here? Greetings from Germany, yep_dd
  7. As I said, I am being patient. But I'd have liked a feature list. So we'll see what happens.
  8. Wow, no offense but I am disappointed, not by the missing features, but because it is not pointed out clearly. So for me this means I "wasted" $50. VNAV and DataFields are really really important for me. If it is implemented within the next couple of months it is okay and I really appreciate your effort and hard work to contribute to all the community. But being spoiled with systems from PMDG and LevelD, I expect a higher detail of implementation. Especially if there is no money back guarantee. And believe me, I'd have paid $200 if the features were worth it. I think most enthusiastic simmers and trainees prioritize quality and not cost.
  9. Hey Ed, I have another question regarding the descent / vertical speed management is that implemented? Greetings from Germany
  10. Helle Ed, Thanks for the quick update, but as a real world customer working with your product I'd have at least appreciated a "what's not included" list. For me this actually is important. If you refer to the real garmin manual as a handbook, I expect it to work like described there. May I assume that also the Map Setup and Track up North Up and so one only works from the gns.ini? Using a real G430, all this stuff is important because in a charter aircraft you want to set up the device your way. And restore it to your settings. Greetings, yep_dd