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  1. keuningd

    Nav/Beacon/Landing/Strobe lights problem

  2. keuningd

    Nav/Beacon/Landing/Strobe lights problem

    yes sir i did, from aerosoft page Dieter Keuning
  3. keuningd

    Nav/Beacon/Landing/Strobe lights problem

    it has been a while since i heard from you. i de-installed the 773 package and download a new installer, re-installed the stuff, but the problem still exist dieter keuning
  4. keuningd

    Nav/Beacon/Landing/Strobe lights problem

    "Correct. It was a corrupted installer of the 300ER, but both need to be on the same version (SP1d)" How can it be corrupted? because of the firewall/anti-virus perhaps? BTw i appreciate your help!!! Dieter keuning
  5. keuningd

    Nav/Beacon/Landing/Strobe lights problem

    i will de-install the 777LR/F and the 300ER, reinstall it and try the update and install the expansion pack, sorry for my attitude, i'm in bit of a bad mood because of some personal stuff, sorry for that. it's not a graphic related problems? but that should that i would have the same problem with the 200LR/F version, i mean with the light!! i will get back to you Dieter Keuning
  6. keuningd

    Nav/Beacon/Landing/Strobe lights problem

    i bought the 200LR/F a half year ago for €80, so i should spend another €80 just in order to get the lastest version?? Dieter Keuning
  7. hi, first all nice aircraft. I bought yesterday and installed it with the service pack sp1c. Now with the 300ER model i have a problem with the external light. They look like a square or some kind of crystal, has anyone encoutered this problem before and knows how the fix this. i have searched on same forum and they siad reinstall everything, have done that, didn't seem to work. I ask this queation because i thought maybe some else has the same problems. if you have a solution for this problem i would like too hear it. I have purchased both packs from aerosoft and the service pack. I don't what i should do, need some help with this!!! Spec pc Intel i7 860 2,93Ghz 12 gigs RAM Nvidia 750Ti SC Dieter Keuning