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  1. No I have another problem. I have fixed the problem with the initialization. But now if I start with the default saved flight everything is fine. If I change to another pmdg the fuel is going from 92% to over 2.000% and im jumping all over the place. If I reduce the fuel in the FMC to 100% I only have 9.000lbs left. If I try to put it back up to ~45.000lbs it says "invalid entry" What is wrong with this plane?
  2. FSX:SE The top row that says "Initializing all sysmtems" never comes up. Only if i have the NGX as main flight and start it. If i change from one livery to another it doesnt work anymore.
  3. Hi. Today I reinstalled my whole FSX. I had this problem sometimes before but now its like 8 out of 10 times the 737 doesent load properly. Either the displays are dark or i cant use any button or I can hear the engines but they are not spinning and I cant move at all. It really happens 90% of the time. Reloading the aircraft at the gate doesent help, ending the flight and starting it again helps sometimes but most times I have to restart the whole simulator. It seems like the only way its working is if I have the 737 as standard flight. Can somebody help me? Is there any fix?
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