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  1. Paul Crumley

    Buttons don't work

    Okay!!! I did the reconfiguration, and it works. A couple of minor things. . . there are only 16 available toggle/buttons available. This means reprogramming the ATMEGA, but that should be doable. The ATMEGA software sends the Button six times per switch movement - this results in six iterations of the related functions, but again, this should be fixable. I also think the software allows for synchronization of the toggles to the aircraft state. That's my next step - verify that it works that way, and then. . . well, I'm cooking along now. Still a long way on the physical side, but fun, nonetheless. Thanks for your suggestion - You saved me a lot of head scratching an poking around. Paul
  2. Paul Crumley

    Buttons don't work

    Thanks for the very fast response! The control in question is a toggle switch, but I wasn't sure that would have an effect - I do have sixteen software toggles, each one sending a different button bit for each state change. I'll try that, though it seems to me that the sim/fsuipc, etc. wouldn't know if it was a toggle switch or a heavy finger on a button! The VID is set to zero and the PID should be 0x0002 in this device, since it uses home-brew software (thanks to Mindaugas Milasauskas, who, regrettably, seems to have disappeared. . .). Through a convoluted process I have disassembled and reconstructed the Atmel asm source code for this, intending to create more rows of toggle-to-button conversions if necessary. The source code reads: .equ USBversion =0x0100 ;USB version (1.00) .equ VendorID =0x0000 ;Vendor identifier .equ ProductID =0x0002 ;product identifier (USB Joystick) .equ DeviceVersion =0x0103 ;version number of product (version=1.3 - MJ16 with autocalibration) .equ MaxUSBCurrent =0xA0 ;current consumption from USB (100mA - arbitrary) ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DeviceDescriptor: .db 0x12,0x01 ;0E1D 0112 .dw USBversion ;0x00,0x01 .db 0x00,0x00 ;0E1F 0000 .db 0x00,0x08 ;0E20 0800 VendorDescriptor: .dw VendorID ;0x00,0x00 .dw ProductID ;0x02,0x00 .dw DeviceVersion ;0E23 0103 .db 0x01,0x02 ;0E24 0201 .db 0x03,0x01 ;0E25 0103 (0x03 is a reference to a serial number, but I don't know how it would b assigned.) DeviceDescriptorEnd: I can easily reconfigure my joystick (which is actually being used as a throttle and switch panel controller) to send the converted toggle-to-buttons as the first 32 buttons, so that will probably be my first try. Again, thanks for the quick answer. Paul
  3. Paul Crumley

    Buttons don't work

    I did some searching through this forum, but couldn't find anything helpful about my problem. I am using LINDA Version 2.7, The module information is all n/a (module, author, version and date) - I don't know if this matters. My flight sim is FSX-SE, FSUIPC Version 4.947c, properly registered, and I am trying to develop a personal model of the MAAM type DC-3 with a physical switch panel. I have a homemade joystick system that provides 8 analog channels and 112 push buttons. The system-level joystick properties form recognizes the joystick, as do FSUIPC and LINDA. When I push a button the red dot illuminates in the windows calibration utility, and FSUIPC recognizes the button on the "Buttons + Switches" tab. So I don't think I have any hardware issues or ms-fs-fsuipc software problems. However, I haven't been able to get any of my functions in LINDA to work with a button press. i can read and set all the L:Vars with the LINDA application, and when I select the FSUICP Buttons and Switches tab the LINDA trace window reports "FirstButtonChange res = 0000100 (0.1,0)" when I click button 1. In the actions.lua file I have the following simple functions: function Battery_on () ipc.writeLvar("L:Battery_Switch",1) end function Battery_off () ipc.writeLvar("L:Battery_Switch",0) end The config-hid.lua reads: -- ## MJ16 ## (000000020) ## {1.3} ############ JSTK["000000020"][1]="Battery_on" JSTKrl["000000020"][1]="Battery_off" Button 1 does nothing either way. If I disable and reenable the device in the Setup Joysticks mode I get: [LINDA] HID - Switch Device 1 then the following sequence: HID Switch Device - hidTreeFill entered HID Switch Device - hidTreeFill knownid 1 HID Switch Device - hidTreeFill update buttons HID Switch Device - hidTreeFill update buttons end HID Switch Device - hidTreeFill update hats HID Switch Device - hidTreeFill update end LUA.0: [EVNT] Configs reloaded! Where do I go from here?