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  1. Ok, so I've recovered from the issue in one aircraft and assume I'll have to repeat the process each and every one. Uninstalled B737 8900NGX I re-installed/repaired FSX and Acceleration Also downloaded and installed Simconnect.msi (there were 3) don't know whether this was necessary but a review of files in FSX showed there was one PMDG simconnect file but it was an odd one - a .dll file last updated in 2014. Clean re-install of the B737 That's got things back to what I hope is normal for the 737. Am test flying as we speak. Thanks for suggestions and input. If it was a font issue, how does one fix that?? Regards John
  2. The aircraft is up and running. All systems live. I can program in the FMC with no probem. Just all of CRT's are there with no A/H, noEngine details although the circles for the dials are there - no content. I would like to attach a screen image but there doesn't seem to be an option for that in the forum controls..
  3. When the aircraft are booted up in FSX, everything seems okay except no data in any of the operating screens. PFD MFD etc. is this an uninstall reinstall situation or just me being dumb? I recently reinstalled everything due to W10 issue resulting in wiping operating system, so everything has had to be redone. I feel like I have had this issue in the distant past but can't remember the fix Any help? Thanks John
  4. woodbe

    Windows 10 and FSX

    You got it!! case sensitive on the capital M. Came up asking for activation code for acceleration. Brilliant thank you.
  5. woodbe

    Windows 10 and FSX

    I'll give it a shot. Tried going through to Microsoft on this one to see if we could somehow phone validate....NFI!
  6. woodbe

    Windows 10 and FSX

    Went through the regedit process. partmgr was already there and the only thing there. any other ideas?
  7. The latest W10 update crashed my system big time requiring a clean install..... yes that's right, start from scratch with backups and apps. and because the latest update is a big stepup for W10, there is no roll back. So the problem I have is, when FSX is installed and I put in my Product key everything is fine. Then when I install the Acceleration disc, the wheels fall off of the cart. I get this product activation error and FSX loads in demo mode. Have fun for 30 minutes then pack it in. a. has anybody else experienced this ? b. any known cure ? Thanks John
  8. woodbe

    moving FSX

    Wanting to move FSX and related files to bigger hard drive. Is there a way to do this short of starting over?