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  1. Thanks for that Jim. I was a bit out of my mind I reckon. I don't intend to get a refund. You guys keep our favorite sim alive, I am more than happy that you have my money instead of Microsoft for buying Windows 7 to replace Windows 8. How SIMMCONNECT should help ? Do you think it a full clean reinstall of FSX might help fixing the problem as long as it has been istalled before the Win updates ? Cheers, Phil
  2. I'm having the exact same problems as you do. I did try everything just like you did but Bought FSX Assist. Oh yeah I get "joystick reset" messages but it still goes down. No change. Actually I even felt it a little worst with FSX Assist... £20 through the window. Although I'm flying for a VA, all my flights are tracked, I can't afford having stick disconnection on final. So I put away FSX for the moment, not to throw my stick, throttle quadrant and PC through the window along my £20 for FSX Assist.