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  1. Hi amazing tech people, I have a VRinsight CDU II module which i’d love to use on MSFS. I can get the screen of the FMC to go onto it (kinda) but cannot work out a way to map the buttons. I have purchased FSUIPC7 and am wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of setting it up to allow me to use it in MSFS or if you know of any youtube videos/walkthroughs on how to do it. Thanks a million, Michael
  2. Hi people, Im suddenly getting this as_btstrp.dll error whenever i start up fsx. If i click yes, fsx will CTD, if i click no, it will work, without active sky working. Currently have activesky next installed along with FSUIPC 4.934 (latest version) along with an endless list of extra addons. Please help me out here, i hope its something really simple... Many thanks, Mick Also here is an image of the error i get. Cheers https://www.dropbox.com/s/ogbzj8umnx8w28o/error.jpg
  3. Hi everyone, Sorry for the abandoned forum lol. I had some success with installing the latest version of FSUIPC 4.93 Also, i looked on youtube and updated my cfg file with Matt Davies (Belynz) recommendations. Link is here... Seemed to work great... NOW ive got this stupid Active sky error as_btstrp.dll Can someone please shed some light? Also I just flew from Paris to Zurich and my FSX CTD'd (due to lack off memory) at about 15.0 DME from landing, happy days. Love seeing that error because you know, ive spent $400 on 32gb of ram but fsx still wants more. *grumble* Any ideas on the Activesky error, and any light on the lack of memory issue???
  4. Hi people, Im fairly new here. Fsx keeps crashing for me mid flight, about after half an hour. By crashing I mean that it does the whole, "fsx has stopped working" error and since im running PMDG, i cant simply reload a saved flight, GREAT! Im really motivated to fix this so please tell me what specs you need to know and what other information you need to know and ill put it up so i can work this out. Im sure im not the first person to have this type of problem. Cheers, Mick
  5. Hi people, Was thinking of maybe buying a 29" widescreen monitor aspect ratio 21:9 to use for fsx. Would this work with fsx? Im using trackir5 and basically wanted to extend my view around the cockpit. I dont want it to just be a squashed view of the VC, i wanted to be able to extend the view to see out the side windows. Any help would be appreciated Mick
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