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  1. OKay okay hear me out. I know this issue has been talked about before and yes, I will bring it forward again. I have no idea why both my 737NGX and 747 QOTSv2 is not responding anymore. I'm scared to uninstall them because I can not unregister my products and I'm pretty sure I'm on my last activations. I've reinstalled the SDK's and reinstalled the SimConnect (which was working fine because other addons were using it too). So like is there any other fix that I might try?
  2. Out of shame I haven't answered for so long. This seemed to be the issue, thanks.
  3. good day to you all, since I started flying with the QOTSII on IVAO there has been this issue where in the sim the frequency might be set to eg. 119.6 (EHAM_W_TWR) but it wil jump back in IVAP to, and this frequency is always the same, 136.970. This is according to Flight Data Recorder from FSUIPC. I have gone the whole flight on radios in 122.8, and got messages too on that frequency, and still FSUIPC picks it up as 136.970. This causes that i miss some clearances because randomly my radios to change to a non existing channel Any ideas on what this problem could be? Thank you
  4. Doesn't the KLM have GE engines? Not RR right?
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