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  1. TenEightyOne

    Cant click on anything in VC during flight

    You can cycle in two directions... this occasionally happens to me and I tap S a couple of times to step 'forward' through views then Shift+S a couple of times to step 'back' to the cockpit view. The issue is definitely noted in the manual.
  2. TenEightyOne

    Update FMC Questions

    I de-installed, re-installed, all fixed exactly as advised! Thank you once again
  3. TenEightyOne

    Update FMC Questions

    Kyle, thank you Also... thank you for the time you put into all those YouTube instructional videos, they're invaluable
  4. TenEightyOne

    Update FMC Questions

    Firstly, I've been lurking here some time and have found the answers to all my questions without fail. Except the following question... which makes me think that I'm simply doing something wrong that nobody else is I've been working through Manual v1.5 and noticed a reference to "FSX PLN FILE FOR WX" on page 7/7 of FMC, PMDG SETUP>OPTIONS>SIMULATION. However, I only have 6 pages and don't have that option. I checked in PMDG Op Centre and have Version 1.10.6492 which the software tells me is up-to-date. Is there something I need to do in the FMC to enable this option or do I need to run a new/different update? Thank you in advance EDIT: I'm not running ASN, is that the issue? FMC pictured on page 0.00.47 of PMDG-777-Tutorial-1.5.pdf: The setup menu on my own version: