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  1. F1992

    RAAS Override Switch

    Hello Developers, in you Boeing 777, which comes with a limited version of RAAS Professional, there is an Raas Override Switch located on the overhead. As far as I know 737s, which are equipped with a RAAS also have this switch located next to the flap inhibit, gear inhibit and GPWS override switches. For me as someone who thinks about purchasing RAAS for FSX it would be a nice feature if you could offer to integrate this switch into your 737s cockpit. Of cause there might be reasons why you don't do this, but I as someone who doesn't have a clue of software development, think it is a nice thought and maybe also for you some good input. Regards Falk
  2. Hey Pilots I really enjoy flying the JS41. PMDG provides an excellent manual where you can find nearly everything you need to operate this brilliant simulation and use all the level of detail. I wrote nearly and unfortunately there is something – in my eyes - very important missing. PMDG must have information about how the JS41 performs in flight. Most probably they even have the real world manuals with all the performance charts in it. Obviously they can't simply share those with us because it would need the agreement of the publisher. But why don't they supply us with the parameters they already have used for programming their version of the JS 41. I would be glad about a simple text file including Altitude vs. TAS and fuel flow for different power settings and temperatures and some information to plan the climb and descend. Is there anyone who can supply me with this information? I would really appreciate your help. Thanks Falk