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  1. I just joined the avsim community and I really don't have the time to really find out which forum this belongs in. Basically when i have direct x 10 preview enabled with max settings I get perfect fps always above 60. Only problem with this is mod planes skins and textures don't load as they're not compatible I hear. when I disable direct x 10 I get horrible fps in 15-20s. I turn it down to low with billinear and it's still mediocre at 30 fps. Specs: 4gb corsair vengenance ram intel i3 3220 ivy bridge 2 core gtx 650 ti 1gb ram I hear having a dual core cpu is much better than a i7 as it is more configured for fsx. I'm assuming my gpu is newer and made to run with dx10 Anyways I'm a noob at this and need a few guidlines Thanks